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[Linphone-users] ansafone

From: allcoms
Subject: [Linphone-users] ansafone
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2011 11:37:31 +0100

Hi list!

I suspect I'm not the only new one here following the MicroSkype deal.
I never used Skype because it is a closed standard but I have friends
and family who do so after the MS buyout I knew I had to find a good
alternative and the best I've found is linphone- great work! Thanks!

I told a friend about it and he asked if linphone can act as an
answering machine. I've found a few other people asking this same
question on the web but no-one ever got a response so I wonder if
there is a solution? I see there is sipomatic but that doesn't seem to
be able to record peoples messages. If linphone lacks such a feature
then hopefully there is a FOSS, cross-platform tool that can do this
or this is planned for a future version?

So far I've only tried linphone using the version in the Ubuntu
maverick repos (3.3.2) and it seems to forget my SIP account settings
sometimes and revert to sip:address@hidden or whatever the
default linphone SIP IP is. I realise I'm not on the latest version
but this is the same version used in Debian Squeeze too so I just
wanted to know if anyone else saw this problem, if there's a
workaround and if its been fixed properly since?

Thanks for your help!


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