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Re: [Linphone-users] not listening on port 5060 on Android

From: Brian J. Murrell
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] not listening on port 5060 on Android
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 10:25:58 -0400
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On 11-04-15 09:44 AM, Simon Morlat wrote:
> I would like to see the logs from Linphone itself,

I provided that in my first message in this thread.

> not a tcpdump capture
> at the server level.

I think the capture tells the whole story though.  Debug logs are only
going to tell as much as the debug statements in the code are willing to

> I suspect that there is nat router in between linphone and the asterisk
> that is doing bad things with rports inside the message SIP.

Nope.  As you will see in the tcpdump logs, the Asterisk server and the
linphone device are on the same physical subnet with no routers between
them.  I can confirm that the ethernet mac addresses being reported in
the dumps are those of the linphone device and the Asterisk server and
not of any router so they are communicating directly with each other on
the ethernet subnet.

> It is unfortunately more and more common to see that, and we think that
> we 'll have to switch to SIPS to avoid all these stupid nats to break
> SIP messages.

Perhaps in the greater Internet this is the case, but in this case
everything is on the same subnet and there is no router and therefore no
NAT involved.

Can I ask, did you look at the tcpdump?  I think it's quite clear that
linphone is mis-reporting it's port in the Contact field of the later
packets it sends to the Asterisk server.

But to satisfy your request for linphone debug logs, seeing as the logs
I posted in my original message were seemingly not sufficient, how
exactly do you want me to produce and collect them such that you can see
what linphone is reporting in the Contact field?


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