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[Linphone-users] Low-pitched voice coming from ARM based board

From: Kevin Thiry
Subject: [Linphone-users] Low-pitched voice coming from ARM based board
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 11:47:43 +0100

Hi all,

For a school project I'm trying to implement Linphone on a ARM based embedded board.
The sound driver is built into the kernel (it's a SGTL5000 chip, imx3stack driver), and alsa is working fine (with aplay/arecord).

I successfully cross compiled Linphone and all its dependencies with (what I think to be) the right options (--enable-fixed-point included) and managed to get a working linephonec executable.
I'm using a windows Linphone client to test the communication with the board.

My problem is that the sound coming from the computer is completely low-pitched, like the voice was slowed down.
In the opposite, the voice coming from the embedded board sounds perfectly fine on the computer speakers...

The weird thing is when I do "soundcard use files" then "record /tmp/test.wav", the said .wav file is perfectly fine (with aplayer)!
If I use the same file to do "play /tmp/test.wav", the sound coming to the computer is very bad.

I'm kinda new to this whole "sound on linux" thing, but I believe it must be some problem including some "realtime" processing, am I wrong?
I tried with different codecs (I'm only using Speex and PCMU/PCMA), and also to play with the ALSA_PERIODS & ALSA_PERIOD_SIZE constants (in mediastreamer/src/alsa.c), but with no luck.

Any clue on this one guys?  Any tools I can use to debug this?
I attached the log, it may be related to the "broken pipe" error...

Thanks in advance,

PS: I tried with the stable (3.4.0) and unstable releases ( as well with the pre-compiled Debian packages, and unfortunately I always encounter the same problem.

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