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[Linphone-users] SIP Session Timers

From: Dan Le
Subject: [Linphone-users] SIP Session Timers
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 19:43:42 -0500

Hi, I'm newly joined to the mailing list, and was hoping someone could clarify a few things in linphone. 

There's scattered reports that SIP Session Timers (RFC 4028) may be supported in linphone, but attempting to enable it, I can't seem to trigger it. I'm using version 3.3.2 of linphone.

I've set use_session_timers=1 under [sip] in my linphonerc config file, and then dial the linphonec agent; after the call connects, I kill the call on the originator side. Linphone appears to be still in the call, and I would expect after some time, it would send a SIP packet to check if the call exists (and subsequently terminating the call when it find it no longer exists), but it doesn't, at least not after 5min of waiting.

I would be grateful for any insights.


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