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[Linphone-users] IPv6 Link-Local address

From: Isaías Martínez Yelmo
Subject: [Linphone-users] IPv6 Link-Local address
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 12:20:32 +0100

Sorry, I have a question. I need to perform calls between two linphones in a 
LAN and I want to use link-local addresses without a proxy. The problem is that 
in Linphone-2 this could be possible however in Linphone-3 is impossible to 
change the IPv6 addresses in “Your resulting SIP address” under Manage SIP 
accounts -> Deafault Identity

Best regards,

Isaías Martínez Yelmo

Isaias Martinez Yelmo
Dep. Ing. Telemática.
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
Avda. Universidad 30.
28911 Leganés. Madrid.

Departamento de Telemática:
Asociación de Telématica:

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