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[Linphone-users] Need your help

From: nanditau
Subject: [Linphone-users] Need your help
Date: 20 Oct 2010 18:24:47 +0530

Hi ,

Can you believe this? The new Coal India Ltd (CIL) IPO advertisement shows coal as the protector of our green forests. In reality we know that coal only pollutes our air and destructs our forests.

The CIL’ s lie shows how much we depend on our fast depleting coal reserves. There is not enough coal to meet our development aspirations.

Renewable energy is the way forward. We need to move away from dirty coal and support renewable options which are clean and green.

With all the clean options available, we do not need to depend on coal. Trying to say that coal is green is a lie and we all know that. Now that we know the truth behind coal we should support and invest in renewable energy.

I have already pledged my support to renewable energy.

Can you also take the pledge and support the same?

The pledge says: I support clean and green renewable energy.



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