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[Linphone-users] jitter compensation

From: Lorenzo Viti
Subject: [Linphone-users] jitter compensation
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 16:10:29 +0200

I'm having a problem of audio loss when the sender is slower than the receiver (negative time slide) on my application that uses the oRTP library ver.0.13. I enabled some output log messages in order to understand the problem, the log shows that the time slide computed with the jitter_control_new_packet function, starts from 0 and decreases to -320, the decreasing is with steps and is not linear. After the slide reaches -320 value, the slide decreases again and the application starts to discard packets with old timestamp ( rtp_getq: discarding too old packet with ts=32880160, local_ts=32880398 ). I'm using 10 ms jitter buffer compensation on a local LAN.

Have you suggestions about this problem? Could you tell me what it has been changed/fixed in the new versions of oRTP library (from 0.15) related to the jitter_control_new_packet function? New versions of the library have fixed the algorithm behavior related to the late packet arrival?

Thank you in advance,
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