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[Linphone-users] Re: Re: How to compile Linphone 3.31

From: Tanzbaer
Subject: [Linphone-users] Re: Re: How to compile Linphone 3.31
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2010 13:59:25 +0200

Hi Garry,

Of course linphone is still 3.21. The instructions are not to update the
old version of linphone, but to compile the new version. They are not
different from compiling any other application in linux.

Please try the following steps:
1.) Download the linphone-3.31.tar.gz file and unpack it into you home
2.) Open a terminal and do cd 'linphone-3.3.1'
3.) "./" (I think I forgot that one the last time, didn't
remember it was necessary for the linphone-3-31 package)
4.) "./configure"
5.) "make"
6.) "gtk-glade/./linphone-3" (sorry, I mixed that one up the last time)
You can now use linphone-3.3.1 using "cd linphone-3.3.1" and
"gtk-glade/./linphone-3". There is no need to uninstall 3.21 from the
ubuntu repos.

You can't expect from the developers to supply a .deb. Its nice if
somebody takes the time and builds one, but that's not how opensource
works. You could try building one yourself ;).

I don't know which packages where installed on your system when running
build-dep (apt-get should have printed a list into the terminal before
installing). Maybe you can get some advise how to reverse the "apt-get
build-dep" command in some ubuntu community forum.

Am Dienstag, den 08.06.2010, 20:29 -0700 schrieb Garry Tristan:
> Hi Jakob,
> Thank you very much for your help. You are right, I was trying to
> compile under Ubuntu 10.04 x64. I followed your instructions. The
> "sudo apt-get build-dep linphone" has added 270+ MB in my system.
> After that I followed the instructions, got various errors and at the
> end linphone was still 3.21. "glade-gtk/./linphone-3" didn'tstart
> Linphone 3.31 either (Error = No such file or directory).
> In anyway, I have had enough! This confirms my suspicion about why the
> author didn't supply compilation instructions. It is too complex and
> not to be done by anyone not used to Linux development. It would be
> nicer to supply a *.deb package. 
> Damn! Today I have just done a quite complex installation of a
> Sharepoint 2010 Dev machine in a VM from A to Z. And yet, I am
> powerless to compile just a small program. 
> Now I would like to undo whatever I have done. Removing all the
> un-necessary stuffs I brought in to compile Linphone 3.31. Do you know
> how to do it?
> Thanks in advance.

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