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Re: [Linphone-users] linphone & tandberg with H264

From: Julien Garet
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] linphone & tandberg with H264
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 23:37:31 +0100


It works quite well using the last version of msx264. But I have a few questions. Linphone sends H264 video to the tandberg and it seems to be 1080p video that is upscaled from source (my webcam isn't HD) consuming unnecessary cpu and bandwidth. Is there a way to limit resolution in the negociation phase ? And for reception, negociation ends to H263 and somerhing like QCIF resolution from the tandberg to linphone, do you know how this happens and can be improved ? The idea is to bring better end user experience when communicating between room equipments and desktop videoconferencing using linphone instead of commercial apps for my users.

Julien Garet

Le 9 févr. 2010 à 17:22, Simon Morlat <address@hidden> a écrit :

Hi Julien,

msx264-1.3.0 has packetization-mode=0 enabled by default since x264 has finally integrated support for slice size limit. So no one should worry
now about packetization-modes with lastest msx264.
However it has been discovered recently that msx264-1.3.0 outputs
non-baseline H.264, due to internal changes in x264 that I missed. Many decoders don't support yet non baseline streams, and anyway the encoder
should not deliver non baseline streams by default.
Try with that last release of msx264:

I hope this will solve your problem.


Le mardi 09 février 2010 à 09:31 +0100, Julien Garet a écrit :
Le lundi 08 février 2010 à 17:51 +0100, Julien Garet a écrit :

I am trying to make calls from linphone to tandberg equipments (Tanbderg Edge 95, 3000 MXP and Tandberg T1). I can successfuly make calls, I can see what comes from the tandberg camera, can hear and be heard by the other side but on the tandberg screen nothing appears. Looking to the equipment console, video received is noted : H264 address@hidden (it should be
something like : H264 address@hidden).
It seems to work well using h263 codecs.
So, my question is : has anyone already done some testing between room codecs (tandberg for instance) with H264 video ? Does linphone support
HD resolutions ? (such as 720p or 1080p/i)

As an answer to myself, I've seen in the FAQ that H264 communication
with other isn't supported because packetization-mode value. But, the
most recent versions of msx264 (at least 1.3.0) does not support the
options told in the FAQ (./configure --enable-hacked-x264), so which
version should I use ?


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