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[Linphone-users] Unable to see the remote person's Video

From: anil v
Subject: [Linphone-users] Unable to see the remote person's Video
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 15:54:36 -0800

Hi All,
   I have installed the linphone-3.2.1 on my ubuntu machine and able to call to other SIP addresses. But when I want to do video chat I am unable to see the Remote person's video. I have run the linphone commandline as follows and observed the below pasted error messages.
linphone-3 --verbose &>log
I have installed latest ffmpeg ( fetched from the SVN ). Could any one help me how to get the Video chat using Linphone.

Registering all filters...
linphone-message : Registering all soundcard handlers
linphone-message : Card ALSA: default device added
linphone-warning : Could not attach mixer to card: Invalid argument
linphone-warning : Strange, sound card HDA Intel does not seems to be capable of anything, retrying with plughw...
linphone-message : Card ALSA: HDA Intel added
linphone-message : Card OSS: /dev/dsp added
linphone-message : Registering all webcam handlers
linphone-message : Webcam V4L2: /dev/video0 added
linphone-message : Webcam V4L: /dev/video0 added
linphone-message : Webcam StaticImage: Static picture added
linphone-message : Loading plugins
linphone-message : Loading plugin /usr/local/lib/mediastreamer/plugins/
linphone-message : Plugin loaded (/usr/local/lib/mediastreamer/plugins/
linphone-message : Loading plugin /usr/local/lib/mediastreamer/plugins/
linphone-warning : Fail to load plugin /usr/local/lib/mediastreamer/plugins/ : /usr/local/lib/mediastreamer/plugins/ symbol avcodec_decode_video2, version LIBAVCODEC_52 not defined in file with link time reference
linphone-message : ms_init() done
linphone-message : Cannot open directory /usr/local/lib/liblinphone/plugins: No such file or directory
linphone-warning : Cannot support theora/90000: does not exist.
linphone-warning : Cannot support x-snow/90000: does not exist

Best Regards,

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