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Re: [Linphone-users] linphone and webcam video not working

From: Aymeric Moizard
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] linphone and webcam video not working
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 12:45:05 +0100 (CET)

This camera is working only in QVGA mode: I'm using it with mediastreamer2
and have fixed the CVS 2 days ago to make it work :)

I don't think linphone can currently handle the workaround that was found
for mediastreamer: a resizer must be pluggued after the capture filter and
I don't think there is one currently? Simon? Can you comment on this?

amsip -
osip2 -
eXosip2 -

On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Simon Morlat wrote:


The problem is with that driver or camera that isn't able to provide the CIF
or QCIF standart resolution.
We are working on this problem to find a workaround in linphone.


Le mercredi 10 janvier 2007 16:29, Tomi Hautakoski a écrit :
Hello all,

I've been using linphone for a while now and it seems great! However, now
I needed to use it's video capabilities with a webcam (Logitech Quickcam
Messenger Plus) and looks like linphone doesnt know how to set the devices
properties right:

address@hidden qc-usb-messenger-1.6]# ortp-message-oRTP-0.12.0
ortp-message-Card ALSA: default device added
ortp-message-Card ALSA: Intel 82801BA-ICH2 added
ortp-message-Card ALSA: Camera added
ortp-message-Card OSS: /dev/dsp added
ortp-message-Card OSS: /dev/dsp added
ortp-message-Card OSS: /dev/dsp1 added
ortp-message-Cannot open directory /opt/lp/lib/mediastreamer/plugins: No
such file or directory

| INFO2 | <eXosip.c: 409> IPv6 is enabled. Pls report bugs
| ERROR | <eXutils.c: 131> Error in connect: Network is unreachable
|WARNING| <eXutils.c: 139> Could not find interface to reach


| INFO1 | <eXosip.c: 333> eXosip: Reseting timer to 15s before waking up!

ortp-message-v4l_start: open, fd=25
ortp-message-Found Logitech QuickCam USB device.
ortp-message-Getting video channel Camera
ortp-message-Channel is a camera
ortp-message-A valid video channel was found.
ortp-message-Default picture properties:
ortp-warning-Could not set picture properties: Invalid argument
ortp-message-Driver does not support YUV420P, trying RGB24...
ortp-message-Driver supports RGB24, using that format.
ortp-error-Could not set window size: Invalid argument
ortp-message-ms_filter_link: MSV4l:0x826c598,0-->MSPixConv:0x83095e0,0
ortp-message-ms_filter_link: MSPixConv:0x83095e0,0-->MSSdlOut:0x826c6d8,0
ortp-message-v4l_thread starting
ortp-warning-We are late of 58 miliseconds.
ortp-message-Using 1-frames mmap'd buffer at 0xb5eb9000, len 321408
ortp-warning-v4l_grab_image_mmap: error in VIDIOCMCAPTURE: Invalid
ortp-message-linphone_friend_apply() done.
ortp-message-linphone_friend_apply() done.
ortp-warning-We are late of 61 miliseconds.
ortp-warning-v4l_grab_image_mmap: error in VIDIOCMCAPTURE: Invalid
ortp-warning-v4l_grab_image_mmap: error in VIDIOCMCAPTURE: Invalid


ortp-warning-v4l_grab_image_mmap: error in VIDIOCMCAPTURE: Invalid
ortp-message-munmap() done (0xb5eb9000,321408)
ortp-message-v4l_thread exited.
ortp-message-v4l thread has joined.
ortp-message-ms_filter_unlink: MSV4l:0x826c598,0-->MSPixConv:0x83095e0,0

This error above is repeated endlessly until I hit the 'enable video'
button again to make video window shutdown. The driver for the webcam is
qc-usb-messenger-1.6 and here's what it's conf program tells about the

# qcset -i
Name          : Logitech QuickCam USB
Type          : capture
Channels      : 1
Audio devices : 0
Maxsize       : 324,248
Minsize       : 160,120
Overlay coords: 1532713819,1532713819
Capture size  : 324,248
Chromakey     : 1532713819
Flags         :
Channel       : 0
Name          : Camera
Tuners        : 0
Flags         :
Type          : camera
Norm          : 0
Brightness    : 32768
Hue           : 32768
Color         : 32768
Contrast      : 32768
Whiteness     : 32768
Depth         : 24
Palette       : RGB888 packed into 24bit words.

Otherwise my system is a FC 3(also tried with FC 4) with kernel
I tested the webcam with gimp & sane and it produced a fine picture so the
v4l should work. Any ideas how to get video running?


Tomi Hautakoski

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