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Re: [Linphone-users] Re: trouble entering a password

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Re: trouble entering a password
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 18:47:47 +0100
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Yes you need to press enter after each digit ( I know this is not a good idea 
Doug, please try that and tell me if it works better.


Le Mardi 6 Décembre 2005 11:02, Sybren Stuvel a écrit :
> Doug Smith enlightened us with:
> > Now, when I call sip:address@hidden, I am not able to get into
> > my voice mail.
> This might have something to do with how the DTMF signals are passed
> to the server. There are roughly two options: RFC2833 and 'inband'.
> 'inband' is what your ordinary telephone does - it just sends out the
> frequencies through the voice channel. This has one drawback, which is
> that those frequencies will be mangled by the compression that's used.
> At least, this happens with the GSM codec. To solve this, RFC2833
> could be used.
> > It seems that no numbers go out after I hit the return key.  Am I
> > possibly doing something wrong in entering the information that
> > linphonec cannot understand a simple line of numbers and generate
> > the appropriate touch tone sounds?
> My version of linphonec (1.1.0) understands it just fine. Here is a
> copy of my session:
> $ linphonec
> linphonec> call sip:address@hidden
> Contacting  sip:address@hidden
> linphonec> Connected.
> linphonec> 1
> linphonec> terminate
> Communication ended.
> the '1' got picked up, and transferred my call to the appropriate person.
> Sybren

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