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[Linphone-users] Problem with sipomatic

From: pogosyan
Subject: [Linphone-users] Problem with sipomatic
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 17:18:14 -0700


First of all, thanks for the program !

I'm trying to make linphone to work between
two computers (RH7.2 and 7.1, the second one has
OSS drivers, the first - I can choose OSS or ALSA)

At the moment sound is one directional only from
RH7.1/OSS/SoundBlasterAWE64  machine
to RH7.2/ OSS|ALSA /CMedia   one but not other way.

Nevertherless, my question is about sipomatic. I was unable to make it
work on either machine.
Namely, some diagnostics scrolls, but there is no sound.    It looks
like I have problems actually
setting loopback as interface in linphone gui.

(First of all, just highlighting alternative interface does not activate
'Apply' button, which is a bug,
I need to select/deselect type of connection to get Apply).

But whether I select eth0 or lo,   sipomatic
reports incoming request from address@hidden, which is
the address of
eth0.   Maybe that is where the problem is ?

Here is linphone output (sipomatic is running)
$ linphone
L3 -1016496574- <osipua.c: 59> info: Starting osip stack and osipua
L0 -1016496574- <osipmanager.c: 277> error: Could not to bind socket for
sending messages.
L4 -1016496574- <osipua.c: 64> info: Trying to bind on port (5060).
L4 -1016496574- <udp.c: 46> info: Entering osipua thread.
Found 2 interfaces.
Found eth0 interface with ip address

GnomeUI-WARNING **: Could not open help topics file NULL
L0 -1016496574- <osipmanager.c: 118> error: Failed to bind socket !
<--- does not look good
Adding <sip:address@hidden> to the list of alias.
 oAdded profile 3
Added profile 4
Added profile 8
Added profile 0
Acceptable blocksize for query (2048) is 2048
 dsp opened.
SUB_DIVIDE said error=0,errno=98
blocksize is 2048.

                Best regards, Dmitr

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