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Re: [Linphone-developers] Assistance getting development environment run

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Assistance getting development environment running on Pi
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2023 05:48:11 -0400
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Anthony Desmarais <> writes:

> I am now trying to figure out how to build the helloworld.c file from
> I am failing on the first step: "pkg-config modversion linphone"

I have not gone down this path, but pkg-config is looking for installed
software, which means, classically, the result of "make install" into
some configured prefix, and having $prefix/lib/pkgconfig in

You said you were using a (Raspberry presumably) Pi, but you didn't
mention the operating system.  Typically, systems have content that they
consider to be part of the system, which is installed to /usr.  Some
systems, e.g. NetBSD have associated packaging systems (e.g. pkgsrc) that
are sort of part of the system but not really, which install programs to
some other prefix (e.g. /usr/pkg).   This is important because if you
are using a GNU/Linux distribution you should understand that the native
packaging system owns /usr and you should not put other things there.

That was a long way of saying that when you run ./configure (or whatever
the build tool is instead of autoconf), you should pick a prefix,
perhaps /usr/local.   And then after building, make install (after
owning /usr/local, or as root).

> I clearly do not have any libraries installed in my pi as they are all
> sitting in the /home folder where i build the SDK.

Generally, SDK is an embedded/cross codeword, and I have no idea if this
is meant to be used in a cross environment, or if it also supports
native installation and building.

> I think I am missing a step in building the SDK where I need to
> install it - I cannot seem to find any makefile with an install
> target. Or I am not looking hard enough.

I haven't looked; it does sound like you are on the right path.

It might be that you need to do it by hand.  It might be that there is a
destdir that can be used as a sysroot sort of and the build of the
client needs to me sort of like cross.

I would go looking for the linphone.pc file, and the libs that it
mentions, and headers, and see how they are organized.

> Is anyone able to help fill in the missing step of going from
> successfully building the sdk to installing it so that other
> applications can be built against it? Or at lease point me to where
> this would be documented?

Not sure I ended up being helpful.   It would not surprise me either way
if the linphone code was or was not aligned with normal practice.

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