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Re: [Linphone-developers] Announce: Linphone Desktop 4.3 spotted

From: Óvári
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Announce: Linphone Desktop 4.3 spotted
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2021 08:16:29 +1000
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Hello Julien,

The Hungarian translations are now at 100% again in your Weblate instance.

1. Can you please ensure that they are merged as there are some strings that keep appears blank.

The `Old version` brings up messages in the `Master` branch at saying that there are inconsistencies due to the `Old version` having untranslated strings (which can not be added as it is locked).

2. Will `Old version` at be removed?

The direct links are to version Linphone 4.3.0 alpha.

3. Should we wait for Linphone 5.0 alpha links?

4. Will the next release of Linphone Desktop for GNU/Linux work with small screens, like the Pinephone[1] and Librem 5[2]?

Thank you




On 27/8/21 4:20 am, Julien Wadel wrote:

We are proud to announce you that a new version of Linphone Desktop is available for beta testing in the master branch. As usual, binaries are available on the snapshots repository (links below). New versions with bug-fixes are done on daily basis so if you got bugs or unexpected behaviors, please check if there are no newer versions. If not, feel free to report them in Github with all basic informations (OS, version, steps, logs, traces) at:

In addition to bug-fixes and tweaks, the main new features from the previous versions are :
- Secure chat rooms
- Group chats
- Ephemeral messages for administrators and secure chat rooms (this feature will be extended to the whole room soon)
- Searches on timelines and messages
- More detailed IMDN on messages
- LDAP support
- Based on Linphone SDK 5.0

Some behaviors may change till the release. We are on the good tracks for 4.3 but we need your help for translations. We no longer use Transifex for the translation process, instead we have deployed our own instance of Weblate. If you want you can contribute at:

Direct links to binaries:
- Linux : - Mac : - Windows :

We hope that you will enjoy our upgrades.

Best Regards

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