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[Linphone-developers] escaped characters in Record-Route header

From: Gisel, Max
Subject: [Linphone-developers] escaped characters in Record-Route header
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2021 11:15:03 +0000

Dear Linphone Developers,


We’ve noticed that Linphone clients are removing escaped characters from header fields. Linphone removes the escaped characters present (from our example in the Record-Route header i. e. %2A or %60) by translating them to their respective symbols (* or `). This leads to problems with other components handling the call. In the end the needed ACK can not be handled by the other components due to the manipulated Record Route Header and Linphone cancels the call after about 30 seconds because it doesn’t receive an ACK. According to the SIP standard, this modification should not take place, as these characters must be escaped. Is it possible to request a fix for this, so that Linphone would no longer modify SIP headers by translating escaped characters?


INVITE sent to Linphone:

Record-Route: <sip:X.X.X.X:5060;lr;sipXecs-CallDest=INT;sipXecs-rs=%2Aauth%7E.%2Afrom%7EMTEwOTFjYWQ3Ng%60%60%21700858ce08920bc97e992777a785159a>


200 OK received from Linphone in response to the INVITE above:

Record-route: <sip:X.X.X.X:5060;lr;sipXecs-CallDest=INT;sipXecs-rs=*auth~.*from~MTEwOTFjYWQ3Ng``!700858ce08920bc97e992777a785159a>


Best Regards

Max Gisel


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