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[Linphone-developers] Question(s) regarding status in Linphone

From: thomas woelfer
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Question(s) regarding status in Linphone
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2021 10:21:21 +0000


All of the below is happening with the latest version of Linphone for windows:

I have a couple of users, all connected to the same sip server and all of them 
listed in my contact list. All of them are shown as "offline", not matter what 
their status actually is, or how they have set their statuses. What do I need 
to so, so the status is shown as set by the user?

Also, in 'jitsi', the a 'line busy' icon is displayed automatically, just 
because someone is on the phone, without any manual intervention. Is this also 
possible with linphone? If so, how?

And finally, linphone doesn't seem to act on how I set the status myself. When 
setting it to "DND" or "offline", I would expect no calls coming in (no 
ringtone, etc..), but Linphone is acting as if nothing was set. Is there any 
way to make sure no call is coming in (besides terminating linphone?).

Any Ideas?

Thank you!
-thomas woelfer

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