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[Linphone-developers] Android APP - VoIP > GSM (3G/LTE)

From: Bogdan Florin
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Android APP - VoIP > GSM (3G/LTE)
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2021 14:35:47 +0000


I subscribe to Linphone dev, so I hope you will receive my email.

I’m working since few years to an personal VoIP> GSM project and now I arrive to moment when I’m looking for an Android APP with capability to forwarding call received via VoIP over GSM and same time comply with my 5 pages documentation.
First thing first: Prove of concept will be the capability of connecting call received via VoIP with a new call generated locally over GSM to same B number as received via VoIP.

Anyone would like to get involved into this project ?

All documentation is prepared already. Person involved will remain and no one will throw away in next 10 years.


Questions are welcomed. I’m looking for capable, experienced, serious and long time commitment person.




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