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[Linphone-developers] Linux Linphone 4.2.2 Segfault

From: Mark Murawski
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Linux Linphone 4.2.2 Segfault
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2020 08:48:55 -0400
User-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/68.9.0

The only thing done here was to run the app.  The gui window opens but doesn't paint anything.  Within about 10 seconds it will seg fault.

alnut {~} kobaz$ ~/bin/Linphone-4.2.2.AppImage
QML debugging is enabled. Only use this in a safe environment.
[08:23:26:975][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:212: "Starting Linphone (bin: linphone)"
[08:23:26:975][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:213: "Use locale: en_US"
[08:23:27:044][0x248f380][Info]app/AppController.cpp:90: Available fonts :  ("Abydos", "Aegean", "Aegyptus", "Akkadian", "Alexander", "Alfios", "Anaktoria", "Analecta", "Anatolian", "Aroania", "Asea", "Assyrian", "Atavyros", "Avdira", "Bitstream Charter", "C059 [UKWN]", "C059 [urw]", "Caladea", "Cantarell", "Cantarell Extra Bold", "Cantarell Light", "Cantarell Thin", "Carlito", "Century Schoolbook L", "cmex10", "cmmi10", "cmr10", "cmsy10", "Courier 10 Pitch", "Cretan Hieroglyphs", "Cypro-Minoan", "D050000L [urw]", "D050000L [URW ]", "DejaVu Math TeX Gyre", "DejaVu Sans", "DejaVu Sans Condensed", "DejaVu Sans Mono", "DejaVu Serif", "DejaVu Serif Condensed", "Dingbats", "Droid Sans Fallback", "esint10", "eufm10", "FontAwesome", "FreeMono", "FreeSans", "FreeSerif", "Gardiner", "Gentium", "Gentium Basic", "Gentium Book Basic", "GentiumAlt", "Inconsolata", "Liberation Mono", "Liberation Sans", "Liberation Sans Narrow", "Liberation Serif", "Linux Biolinum Keyboard O", "Linux Biolinum O", "Linux Libertine Display O", "Linux Libertine Initials O", "Linux Libertine Mono O", "Linux Libertine O", "Maya", "Monospace", "msam10", "msbm10", "Musica", "Nilus", "Nimbus Mono L", "Nimbus Mono PS [urw]", "Nimbus Mono PS [UKWN]", "Nimbus Roman [urw]", "Nimbus Roman [UKWN]", "Nimbus Roman No9 L", "Nimbus Sans [urw]", "Nimbus Sans [UKWN]", "Nimbus Sans L", "Nimbus Sans Narrow [urw]", "Nimbus Sans Narrow [UKWN]", "Noto Color Emoji", "Noto Kufi Arabic", "Noto Kufi Arabic Medium", "Noto Kufi Arabic Semi bold", "Noto Mono", "Noto Sans", "Noto Sans Arabic", "Noto Sans Arabic Blk", "Noto Sans Arabic Cond", "Noto Sans Arabic Cond Blk", "Noto Sans Arabic Cond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Arabic Cond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Arabic Cond Light", "Noto Sans Arabic Cond Med", "Noto Sans Arabic Cond SemBd", "Noto Sans Arabic Cond Thin", "Noto Sans Arabic ExtBd", "Noto Sans Arabic ExtCond", "Noto Sans Arabic ExtCond Blk", "Noto Sans Arabic ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Arabic ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Arabic ExtCond Light", "Noto Sans Arabic ExtCond Med", "Noto Sans Arabic ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Arabic ExtCond Thin", "Noto Sans Arabic ExtLt", "Noto Sans Arabic Light", "Noto Sans Arabic Med", "Noto Sans Arabic SemBd", "Noto Sans Arabic SemCond", "Noto Sans Arabic SemCond Blk", "Noto Sans Arabic SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Arabic SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Arabic SemCond Light", "Noto Sans Arabic SemCond Med", "Noto Sans Arabic SemCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Arabic SemCond Thin", "Noto Sans Arabic Thin", "Noto Sans Armenian", "Noto Sans Armenian Blk", "Noto Sans Armenian Cond", "Noto Sans Armenian Cond Blk", "Noto Sans Armenian Cond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Armenian Cond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Armenian Cond Light", "Noto Sans Armenian Cond Med", "Noto Sans Armenian Cond SemBd", "Noto Sans Armenian Cond Thin", "Noto Sans Armenian ExtBd", "Noto Sans Armenian ExtCond", "Noto Sans Armenian ExtCond Blk", "Noto Sans Armenian ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Armenian ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Armenian ExtCond Light", "Noto Sans Armenian ExtCond Med", "Noto Sans Armenian ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Armenian ExtCond Thin", "Noto Sans Armenian ExtLt", "Noto Sans Armenian Light", "Noto Sans Armenian Med", "Noto Sans Armenian SemBd", "Noto Sans Armenian SemCond", "Noto Sans Armenian SemCond Blk", "Noto Sans Armenian SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Armenian SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Armenian SemCond Light", "Noto Sans Armenian SemCond Med", "Noto Sans Armenian SemCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Armenian SemCond Thin", "Noto Sans Armenian Thin", "Noto Sans Bengali", "Noto Sans Bengali Blk", "Noto Sans Bengali Cond", "Noto Sans Bengali ExtBd", "Noto Sans Bengali ExtCond", "Noto Sans Bengali ExtLt", "Noto Sans Bengali Light", "Noto Sans Bengali Med", "Noto Sans Bengali SemBd", "Noto Sans Bengali SemCond", "Noto Sans Bengali Thin", "Noto Sans Black", "Noto Sans CanAborig Bk", "Noto Sans CanAborig Lt", "Noto Sans CanAborig Md", "Noto Sans CanAborig SmBd", "Noto Sans CanAborig Th", "Noto Sans CanAborig XBd", "Noto Sans CanAborig XLt", "Noto Sans Canadian Aboriginal", "Noto Sans Cham", "Noto Sans Cham Blk", "Noto Sans Cham ExtBd", "Noto Sans Cham ExtLt", "Noto Sans Cham Light", "Noto Sans Cham Med", "Noto Sans Cham SemBd", "Noto Sans Cham Thin", "Noto Sans Cherokee", "Noto Sans Cherokee Blk", "Noto Sans Cherokee ExtBd", "Noto Sans Cherokee ExtLt", "Noto Sans Cherokee Light", "Noto Sans Cherokee Med", "Noto Sans Cherokee SemBd", "Noto Sans Cherokee Thin", "Noto Sans Condensed", "Noto Sans Condensed Black", "Noto Sans Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Condensed Light", "Noto Sans Condensed Medium", "Noto Sans Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Condensed Thin", "Noto Sans Devanagari", "Noto Sans Devanagari Bk", "Noto Sans Devanagari Cn", "Noto Sans Devanagari Cn Bk", "Noto Sans Devanagari Cn Lt", "Noto Sans Devanagari Cn Md", "Noto Sans Devanagari Cn SmBd", "Noto Sans Devanagari Cn Th", "Noto Sans Devanagari Cn XBd", "Noto Sans Devanagari Cn XLt", "Noto Sans Devanagari Lt", "Noto Sans Devanagari Md", "Noto Sans Devanagari SmBd", "Noto Sans Devanagari SmCn", "Noto Sans Devanagari SmCn Bk", "Noto Sans Devanagari SmCn Lt", "Noto Sans Devanagari SmCn Md", "Noto Sans Devanagari SmCn SmBd", "Noto Sans Devanagari SmCn Th", "Noto Sans Devanagari SmCn XBd", "Noto Sans Devanagari SmCn XLt", "Noto Sans Devanagari Th", "Noto Sans Devanagari XBd", "Noto Sans Devanagari XCn", "Noto Sans Devanagari XCn Bk", "Noto Sans Devanagari XCn Lt", "Noto Sans Devanagari XCn Md", "Noto Sans Devanagari XCn SmBd", "Noto Sans Devanagari XCn Th", "Noto Sans Devanagari XCn XBd", "Noto Sans Devanagari XCn XLt", "Noto Sans Devanagari XLt", "Noto Sans Display", "Noto Sans Display Black", "Noto Sans Display Condensed", "Noto Sans Display Condensed Black", "Noto Sans Display Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Display Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Display Condensed Light", "Noto Sans Display Condensed Medium", "Noto Sans Display Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Display Condensed Thin", "Noto Sans Display ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Display ExtraCondensed", "Noto Sans Display ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Display ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Display ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Display ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Display ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Display ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Display ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Display ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Display Light", "Noto Sans Display Medium", "Noto Sans Display SemiBold", "Noto Sans Display SemiCondensed", "Noto Sans Display SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Display SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Display SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Display SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Display SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Display SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Display SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Display Thin", "Noto Sans Ethiopic", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Blk", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Cond", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Cond Blk", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Cond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Cond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Cond Light", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Cond Med", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Cond SemBd", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Cond Thin", "Noto Sans Ethiopic ExtBd", "Noto Sans Ethiopic ExtCond", "Noto Sans Ethiopic ExtCond Blk", "Noto Sans Ethiopic ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Ethiopic ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Ethiopic ExtCond Light", "Noto Sans Ethiopic ExtCond Med", "Noto Sans Ethiopic ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Ethiopic ExtCond Thin", "Noto Sans Ethiopic ExtLt", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Light", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Med", "Noto Sans Ethiopic SemBd", "Noto Sans Ethiopic SemCond", "Noto Sans Ethiopic SemCond Blk", "Noto Sans Ethiopic SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Ethiopic SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Ethiopic SemCond Light", "Noto Sans Ethiopic SemCond Med", "Noto Sans Ethiopic SemCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Ethiopic SemCond Thin", "Noto Sans Ethiopic Thin", "Noto Sans ExtraBold", "Noto Sans ExtraCondensed", "Noto Sans ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Sans ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Sans ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Georgian", "Noto Sans Georgian Blk", "Noto Sans Georgian Cond", "Noto Sans Georgian Cond Blk", "Noto Sans Georgian Cond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Georgian Cond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Georgian Cond Light", "Noto Sans Georgian Cond Med", "Noto Sans Georgian Cond SemBd", "Noto Sans Georgian Cond Thin", "Noto Sans Georgian ExtBd", "Noto Sans Georgian ExtCond", "Noto Sans Georgian ExtCond Blk", "Noto Sans Georgian ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Georgian ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Georgian ExtCond Light", "Noto Sans Georgian ExtCond Med", "Noto Sans Georgian ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Georgian ExtCond Thin", "Noto Sans Georgian ExtLt", "Noto Sans Georgian Light", "Noto Sans Georgian Med", "Noto Sans Georgian SemBd", "Noto Sans Georgian SemCond", "Noto Sans Georgian SemCond Blk", "Noto Sans Georgian SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Georgian SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Georgian SemCond Light", "Noto Sans Georgian SemCond Med", "Noto Sans Georgian SemCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Georgian SemCond Thin", "Noto Sans Georgian Thin", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Black", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Condensed", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Condensed Black", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Condensed Light", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Condensed Medium", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Condensed Thin", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi ExtraCondensed", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Light", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Medium", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi SemiBold", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi SemiCondensed", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Gurmukhi Thin", "Noto Sans Hebrew", "Noto Sans Hebrew Blk", "Noto Sans Hebrew Cond", "Noto Sans Hebrew Cond Blk", "Noto Sans Hebrew Cond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Hebrew Cond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Hebrew Cond Light", "Noto Sans Hebrew Cond Med", "Noto Sans Hebrew Cond SemBd", "Noto Sans Hebrew Cond Thin", "Noto Sans Hebrew ExtBd", "Noto Sans Hebrew ExtCond", "Noto Sans Hebrew ExtCond Blk", "Noto Sans Hebrew ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Hebrew ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Hebrew ExtCond Light", "Noto Sans Hebrew ExtCond Med", "Noto Sans Hebrew ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Hebrew ExtCond Thin", "Noto Sans Hebrew ExtLt", "Noto Sans Hebrew Light", "Noto Sans Hebrew Med", "Noto Sans Hebrew SemBd", "Noto Sans Hebrew SemCond", "Noto Sans Hebrew SemCond Blk", "Noto Sans Hebrew SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Hebrew SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Hebrew SemCond Light", "Noto Sans Hebrew SemCond Med", "Noto Sans Hebrew SemCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Hebrew SemCond Thin", "Noto Sans Hebrew Thin", "Noto Sans Kannada", "Noto Sans Kannada Black", "Noto Sans Kannada Condensed", "Noto Sans Kannada Condensed Black", "Noto Sans Kannada Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Kannada Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Kannada Condensed Light", "Noto Sans Kannada Condensed Medium", "Noto Sans Kannada Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Kannada Condensed Thin", "Noto Sans Kannada ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Kannada ExtraCondensed", "Noto Sans Kannada ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Kannada ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Kannada ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Kannada ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Kannada ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Kannada ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Kannada ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Kannada ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Kannada Light", "Noto Sans Kannada Medium", "Noto Sans Kannada SemiBold", "Noto Sans Kannada SemiCondensed", "Noto Sans Kannada SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Kannada SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Kannada SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Kannada SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Kannada SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Kannada SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Kannada SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Kannada Thin", "Noto Sans Khmer", "Noto Sans Khmer Black", "Noto Sans Khmer Condensed", "Noto Sans Khmer Condensed Black", "Noto Sans Khmer Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Khmer Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Khmer Condensed Light", "Noto Sans Khmer Condensed Medium", "Noto Sans Khmer Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Khmer Condensed Thin", "Noto Sans Khmer ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Khmer ExtraCondensed", "Noto Sans Khmer ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Khmer ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Khmer ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Khmer ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Khmer ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Khmer ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Khmer ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Khmer ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Khmer Light", "Noto Sans Khmer Medium", "Noto Sans Khmer SemiBold", "Noto Sans Khmer SemiCondensed", "Noto Sans Khmer SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Khmer SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Khmer SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Khmer SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Khmer SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Khmer SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Khmer SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Khmer Thin", "Noto Sans Lao", "Noto Sans Lao Blk", "Noto Sans Lao Cond", "Noto Sans Lao Cond Blk", "Noto Sans Lao Cond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Lao Cond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Lao Cond Light", "Noto Sans Lao Cond Med", "Noto Sans Lao Cond SemBd", "Noto Sans Lao Cond Thin", "Noto Sans Lao ExtBd", "Noto Sans Lao ExtCond", "Noto Sans Lao ExtCond Blk", "Noto Sans Lao ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Lao ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Lao ExtCond Light", "Noto Sans Lao ExtCond Med", "Noto Sans Lao ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Lao ExtCond Thin", "Noto Sans Lao ExtLt", "Noto Sans Lao Light", "Noto Sans Lao Med", "Noto Sans Lao SemBd", "Noto Sans Lao SemCond", "Noto Sans Lao SemCond Blk", "Noto Sans Lao SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Lao SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Lao SemCond Light", "Noto Sans Lao SemCond Med", "Noto Sans Lao SemCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Lao SemCond Thin", "Noto Sans Lao Thin", "Noto Sans Light", "Noto Sans Malayalam", "Noto Sans Malayalam Black", "Noto Sans Malayalam Condensed", "Noto Sans Malayalam Condensed Black", "Noto Sans Malayalam Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Malayalam Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Malayalam Condensed Light", "Noto Sans Malayalam Condensed Medium", "Noto Sans Malayalam Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Malayalam Condensed Thin", "Noto Sans Malayalam ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Malayalam ExtraCondensed", "Noto Sans Malayalam ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Malayalam ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Malayalam ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Malayalam ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Malayalam ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Malayalam ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Malayalam ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Malayalam ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Malayalam Light", "Noto Sans Malayalam Medium", "Noto Sans Malayalam SemiBold", "Noto Sans Malayalam SemiCondensed", "Noto Sans Malayalam SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Malayalam SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Malayalam SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Malayalam SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Malayalam SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Malayalam SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Malayalam SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Malayalam Thin", "Noto Sans Medium", "Noto Sans Mono", "Noto Sans Mono Black", "Noto Sans Mono Condensed", "Noto Sans Mono Condensed Black", "Noto Sans Mono Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Mono Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Mono Condensed Light", "Noto Sans Mono Condensed Medium", "Noto Sans Mono Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Mono Condensed Thin", "Noto Sans Mono ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Mono ExtraCondensed", "Noto Sans Mono ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Mono ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Mono ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Mono ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Mono ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Mono ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Mono ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Mono ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Mono Light", "Noto Sans Mono Medium", "Noto Sans Mono SemiBold", "Noto Sans Mono SemiCondensed", "Noto Sans Mono SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Mono SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Mono SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Mono SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Mono SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Mono SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Mono SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Mono Thin", "Noto Sans Myanmar", "Noto Sans Myanmar Blk", "Noto Sans Myanmar Cond", "Noto Sans Myanmar Cond Blk", "Noto Sans Myanmar Cond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Myanmar Cond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Myanmar Cond Light", "Noto Sans Myanmar Cond Med", "Noto Sans Myanmar Cond SemBd", "Noto Sans Myanmar Cond Thin", "Noto Sans Myanmar ExtBd", "Noto Sans Myanmar ExtCond", "Noto Sans Myanmar ExtCond Blk", "Noto Sans Myanmar ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Myanmar ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Myanmar ExtCond Light", "Noto Sans Myanmar ExtCond Med", "Noto Sans Myanmar ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Myanmar ExtCond Thin", "Noto Sans Myanmar ExtLt", "Noto Sans Myanmar Light", "Noto Sans Myanmar Med", "Noto Sans Myanmar SemBd", "Noto Sans Myanmar SemCond", "Noto Sans Myanmar SemCond Blk", "Noto Sans Myanmar SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Myanmar SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Myanmar SemCond Light", "Noto Sans Myanmar SemCond Med", "Noto Sans Myanmar SemCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Myanmar SemCond Thin", "Noto Sans Myanmar Thin", "Noto Sans SemiBold", "Noto Sans SemiCondensed", "Noto Sans SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Sans SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Sans SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Sinhala", "Noto Sans Sinhala Blk", "Noto Sans Sinhala Cond", "Noto Sans Sinhala Cond Blk", "Noto Sans Sinhala Cond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Sinhala Cond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Sinhala Cond Light", "Noto Sans Sinhala Cond Med", "Noto Sans Sinhala Cond SemBd", "Noto Sans Sinhala Cond Thin", "Noto Sans Sinhala ExtBd", "Noto Sans Sinhala ExtCond", "Noto Sans Sinhala ExtCond Blk", "Noto Sans Sinhala ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Sinhala ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Sinhala ExtCond Light", "Noto Sans Sinhala ExtCond Med", "Noto Sans Sinhala ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Sinhala ExtCond Thin", "Noto Sans Sinhala ExtLt", "Noto Sans Sinhala Light", "Noto Sans Sinhala Med", "Noto Sans Sinhala SemBd", "Noto Sans Sinhala SemCond", "Noto Sans Sinhala SemCond Blk", "Noto Sans Sinhala SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Sinhala SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Sinhala SemCond Light", "Noto Sans Sinhala SemCond Med", "Noto Sans Sinhala SemCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Sinhala SemCond Thin", "Noto Sans Sinhala Thin", "Noto Sans Symbols", "Noto Sans Symbols Blk", "Noto Sans Symbols ExtBd", "Noto Sans Symbols ExtLt", "Noto Sans Symbols Light", "Noto Sans Symbols Med", "Noto Sans Symbols SemBd", "Noto Sans Symbols Thin", "Noto Sans Syriac", "Noto Sans Syriac Black", "Noto Sans Syriac Thin", "Noto Sans Tamil", "Noto Sans Tamil Blk", "Noto Sans Tamil Cond", "Noto Sans Tamil Cond Blk", "Noto Sans Tamil Cond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Tamil Cond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Tamil Cond Light", "Noto Sans Tamil Cond Med", "Noto Sans Tamil Cond SemBd", "Noto Sans Tamil Cond Thin", "Noto Sans Tamil ExtBd", "Noto Sans Tamil ExtCond", "Noto Sans Tamil ExtCond Blk", "Noto Sans Tamil ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Tamil ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Tamil ExtCond Light", "Noto Sans Tamil ExtCond Med", "Noto Sans Tamil ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Tamil ExtCond Thin", "Noto Sans Tamil ExtLt", "Noto Sans Tamil Light", "Noto Sans Tamil Med", "Noto Sans Tamil SemBd", "Noto Sans Tamil SemCond", "Noto Sans Tamil SemCond Blk", "Noto Sans Tamil SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Tamil SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Tamil SemCond Light", "Noto Sans Tamil SemCond Med", "Noto Sans Tamil SemCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Tamil SemCond Thin", "Noto Sans Tamil Thin", "Noto Sans Telugu", "Noto Sans Telugu Black", "Noto Sans Telugu Condensed", "Noto Sans Telugu Condensed Black", "Noto Sans Telugu Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Telugu Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Telugu Condensed Light", "Noto Sans Telugu Condensed Medium", "Noto Sans Telugu Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Telugu Condensed Thin", "Noto Sans Telugu ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Telugu ExtraCondensed", "Noto Sans Telugu ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Telugu ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Telugu ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Telugu ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Telugu ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Telugu ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Telugu ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Telugu ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Telugu Light", "Noto Sans Telugu Medium", "Noto Sans Telugu SemiBold", "Noto Sans Telugu SemiCondensed", "Noto Sans Telugu SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Sans Telugu SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Telugu SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Telugu SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Sans Telugu SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Sans Telugu SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Sans Telugu SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Sans Telugu Thin", "Noto Sans Thaana", "Noto Sans Thaana Black", "Noto Sans Thaana ExtraBold", "Noto Sans Thaana ExtraLight", "Noto Sans Thaana Light", "Noto Sans Thaana Medium", "Noto Sans Thaana SemiBold", "Noto Sans Thaana Thin", "Noto Sans Thai", "Noto Sans Thai Blk", "Noto Sans Thai Cond", "Noto Sans Thai Cond Blk", "Noto Sans Thai Cond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Thai Cond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Thai Cond Light", "Noto Sans Thai Cond Med", "Noto Sans Thai Cond SemBd", "Noto Sans Thai Cond Thin", "Noto Sans Thai ExtBd", "Noto Sans Thai ExtCond", "Noto Sans Thai ExtCond Blk", "Noto Sans Thai ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Thai ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Thai ExtCond Light", "Noto Sans Thai ExtCond Med", "Noto Sans Thai ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Thai ExtCond Thin", "Noto Sans Thai ExtLt", "Noto Sans Thai Light", "Noto Sans Thai Med", "Noto Sans Thai SemBd", "Noto Sans Thai SemCond", "Noto Sans Thai SemCond Blk", "Noto Sans Thai SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Sans Thai SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Sans Thai SemCond Light", "Noto Sans Thai SemCond Med", "Noto Sans Thai SemCond SemBd", "Noto Sans Thai SemCond Thin", "Noto Sans Thai Thin", "Noto Sans Thin", "Noto Sans UI", "Noto Serif", "Noto Serif Armenian", "Noto Serif Armenian Bk", "Noto Serif Armenian Cn", "Noto Serif Armenian Cn Bk", "Noto Serif Armenian Cn Lt", "Noto Serif Armenian Cn Md", "Noto Serif Armenian Cn SmBd", "Noto Serif Armenian Cn Th", "Noto Serif Armenian Cn XBd", "Noto Serif Armenian Cn XLt", "Noto Serif Armenian Lt", "Noto Serif Armenian Md", "Noto Serif Armenian SmBd", "Noto Serif Armenian SmCn", "Noto Serif Armenian SmCn Bk", "Noto Serif Armenian SmCn Lt", "Noto Serif Armenian SmCn Md", "Noto Serif Armenian SmCn SmBd", "Noto Serif Armenian SmCn Th", "Noto Serif Armenian SmCn XBd", "Noto Serif Armenian SmCn XLt", "Noto Serif Armenian Th", "Noto Serif Armenian XBd", "Noto Serif Armenian XCn", "Noto Serif Armenian XCn Bk", "Noto Serif Armenian XCn Lt", "Noto Serif Armenian XCn Md", "Noto Serif Armenian XCn SmBd", "Noto Serif Armenian XCn Th", "Noto Serif Armenian XCn XBd", "Noto Serif Armenian XCn XLt", "Noto Serif Armenian XLt", "Noto Serif Bengali", "Noto Serif Bengali Black", "Noto Serif Bengali Condensed", "Noto Serif Bengali Condensed Black", "Noto Serif Bengali Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Bengali Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Bengali Condensed Light", "Noto Serif Bengali Condensed Medium", "Noto Serif Bengali Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Bengali Condensed Thin", "Noto Serif Bengali ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Bengali ExtraCondensed", "Noto Serif Bengali ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Serif Bengali ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Bengali ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Bengali ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Serif Bengali ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif Bengali ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Bengali ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Bengali ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Bengali Light", "Noto Serif Bengali Medium", "Noto Serif Bengali SemiBold", "Noto Serif Bengali SemiCondensed", "Noto Serif Bengali SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Serif Bengali SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Bengali SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Bengali SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Serif Bengali SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif Bengali SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Bengali SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Bengali Thin", "Noto Serif Black", "Noto Serif Condensed", "Noto Serif Condensed Black", "Noto Serif Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Condensed Light", "Noto Serif Condensed Medium", "Noto Serif Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Condensed Thin", "Noto Serif Devanagari", "Noto Serif Devanagari Black", "Noto Serif Devanagari Condensed", "Noto Serif Devanagari Condensed Black", "Noto Serif Devanagari Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Devanagari Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Devanagari Condensed Light", "Noto Serif Devanagari Condensed Medium", "Noto Serif Devanagari Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Devanagari Condensed Thin", "Noto Serif Devanagari ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Devanagari ExtraCondensed", "Noto Serif Devanagari ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Serif Devanagari ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Devanagari ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Devanagari ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Serif Devanagari ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif Devanagari ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Devanagari ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Devanagari ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Devanagari Light", "Noto Serif Devanagari Medium", "Noto Serif Devanagari SemiBold", "Noto Serif Devanagari SemiCondensed", "Noto Serif Devanagari SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Serif Devanagari SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Devanagari SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Devanagari SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Serif Devanagari SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif Devanagari SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Devanagari SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Devanagari Thin", "Noto Serif Display", "Noto Serif Display Black", "Noto Serif Display Condensed", "Noto Serif Display Condensed Black", "Noto Serif Display Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Display Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Display Condensed Light", "Noto Serif Display Condensed Medium", "Noto Serif Display Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Display Condensed Thin", "Noto Serif Display ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Display ExtraCondensed", "Noto Serif Display ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Serif Display ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Display ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Display ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Serif Display ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif Display ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Display ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Display ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Display Light", "Noto Serif Display Medium", "Noto Serif Display SemiBold", "Noto Serif Display SemiCondensed", "Noto Serif Display SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Serif Display SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Display SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Display SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Serif Display SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif Display SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Display SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Display Thin", "Noto Serif Ethiopic", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Bk", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Cn", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Cn Bk", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Cn Lt", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Cn Md", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Cn SmBd", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Cn Th", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Cn XBd", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Cn XLt", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Lt", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Md", "Noto Serif Ethiopic SmBd", "Noto Serif Ethiopic SmCn", "Noto Serif Ethiopic SmCn Bk", "Noto Serif Ethiopic SmCn Lt", "Noto Serif Ethiopic SmCn Md", "Noto Serif Ethiopic SmCn SmBd", "Noto Serif Ethiopic SmCn Th", "Noto Serif Ethiopic SmCn XBd", "Noto Serif Ethiopic SmCn XLt", "Noto Serif Ethiopic Th", "Noto Serif Ethiopic XBd", "Noto Serif Ethiopic XCn", "Noto Serif Ethiopic XCn Bk", "Noto Serif Ethiopic XCn Lt", "Noto Serif Ethiopic XCn Md", "Noto Serif Ethiopic XCn SmBd", "Noto Serif Ethiopic XCn Th", "Noto Serif Ethiopic XCn XBd", "Noto Serif Ethiopic XCn XLt", "Noto Serif Ethiopic XLt", "Noto Serif ExtraBold", "Noto Serif ExtraCondensed", "Noto Serif ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Serif ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Serif ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Georgian", "Noto Serif Georgian Bk", "Noto Serif Georgian Cn", "Noto Serif Georgian Cn Bk", "Noto Serif Georgian Cn Lt", "Noto Serif Georgian Cn Md", "Noto Serif Georgian Cn SmBd", "Noto Serif Georgian Cn Th", "Noto Serif Georgian Cn XBd", "Noto Serif Georgian Cn XLt", "Noto Serif Georgian Lt", "Noto Serif Georgian Md", "Noto Serif Georgian SmBd", "Noto Serif Georgian SmCn", "Noto Serif Georgian SmCn Bk", "Noto Serif Georgian SmCn Lt", "Noto Serif Georgian SmCn Md", "Noto Serif Georgian SmCn SmBd", "Noto Serif Georgian SmCn Th", "Noto Serif Georgian SmCn XBd", "Noto Serif Georgian SmCn XLt", "Noto Serif Georgian Th", "Noto Serif Georgian XBd", "Noto Serif Georgian XCn", "Noto Serif Georgian XCn Bk", "Noto Serif Georgian XCn Lt", "Noto Serif Georgian XCn Md", "Noto Serif Georgian XCn SmBd", "Noto Serif Georgian XCn Th", "Noto Serif Georgian XCn XBd", "Noto Serif Georgian XCn XLt", "Noto Serif Georgian XLt", "Noto Serif Gujarati", "Noto Serif Gujarati Black", "Noto Serif Gujarati ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Gujarati ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Gujarati Light", "Noto Serif Gujarati Medium", "Noto Serif Gujarati SemiBold", "Noto Serif Gujarati Thin", "Noto Serif Gurmukhi", "Noto Serif Gurmukhi Black", "Noto Serif Gurmukhi ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Gurmukhi ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Gurmukhi Light", "Noto Serif Gurmukhi Medium", "Noto Serif Gurmukhi SemiBold", "Noto Serif Gurmukhi Thin", "Noto Serif Hebrew", "Noto Serif Hebrew Blk", "Noto Serif Hebrew Cond", "Noto Serif Hebrew Cond Blk", "Noto Serif Hebrew Cond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Hebrew Cond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Hebrew Cond Light", "Noto Serif Hebrew Cond Med", "Noto Serif Hebrew Cond SemBd", "Noto Serif Hebrew Cond Thin", "Noto Serif Hebrew ExtBd", "Noto Serif Hebrew ExtCond", "Noto Serif Hebrew ExtCond Blk", "Noto Serif Hebrew ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Hebrew ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Hebrew ExtCond Light", "Noto Serif Hebrew ExtCond Med", "Noto Serif Hebrew ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Serif Hebrew ExtCond Thin", "Noto Serif Hebrew ExtLt", "Noto Serif Hebrew Light", "Noto Serif Hebrew Med", "Noto Serif Hebrew SemBd", "Noto Serif Hebrew SemCond", "Noto Serif Hebrew SemCond Blk", "Noto Serif Hebrew SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Hebrew SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Hebrew SemCond Light", "Noto Serif Hebrew SemCond Med", "Noto Serif Hebrew SemCond SemBd", "Noto Serif Hebrew SemCond Thin", "Noto Serif Hebrew Thin", "Noto Serif Kannada", "Noto Serif Kannada Black", "Noto Serif Kannada ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Kannada ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Kannada Light", "Noto Serif Kannada Medium", "Noto Serif Kannada SemiBold", "Noto Serif Kannada Thin", "Noto Serif Khmer", "Noto Serif Khmer Black", "Noto Serif Khmer Condensed", "Noto Serif Khmer Condensed Black", "Noto Serif Khmer Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Khmer Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Khmer Condensed Light", "Noto Serif Khmer Condensed Medium", "Noto Serif Khmer Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Khmer Condensed Thin", "Noto Serif Khmer ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Khmer ExtraCondensed", "Noto Serif Khmer ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Serif Khmer ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Khmer ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Khmer ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Serif Khmer ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif Khmer ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Khmer ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Khmer ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Khmer Light", "Noto Serif Khmer Medium", "Noto Serif Khmer SemiBold", "Noto Serif Khmer SemiCondensed", "Noto Serif Khmer SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Serif Khmer SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Khmer SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Khmer SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Serif Khmer SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif Khmer SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Khmer SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Khmer Thin", "Noto Serif Lao", "Noto Serif Lao Blk", "Noto Serif Lao Cond", "Noto Serif Lao Cond Blk", "Noto Serif Lao Cond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Lao Cond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Lao Cond Light", "Noto Serif Lao Cond Med", "Noto Serif Lao Cond SemBd", "Noto Serif Lao Cond Thin", "Noto Serif Lao ExtBd", "Noto Serif Lao ExtCond", "Noto Serif Lao ExtCond Blk", "Noto Serif Lao ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Lao ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Lao ExtCond Light", "Noto Serif Lao ExtCond Med", "Noto Serif Lao ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Serif Lao ExtCond Thin", "Noto Serif Lao ExtLt", "Noto Serif Lao Light", "Noto Serif Lao Med", "Noto Serif Lao SemBd", "Noto Serif Lao SemCond", "Noto Serif Lao SemCond Blk", "Noto Serif Lao SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Lao SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Lao SemCond Light", "Noto Serif Lao SemCond Med", "Noto Serif Lao SemCond SemBd", "Noto Serif Lao SemCond Thin", "Noto Serif Lao Thin", "Noto Serif Light", "Noto Serif Malayalam", "Noto Serif Malayalam Black", "Noto Serif Malayalam ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Malayalam ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Malayalam Light", "Noto Serif Malayalam Medium", "Noto Serif Malayalam SemiBold", "Noto Serif Malayalam Thin", "Noto Serif Medium", "Noto Serif Myanmar", "Noto Serif Myanmar Blk", "Noto Serif Myanmar Cond", "Noto Serif Myanmar Cond Blk", "Noto Serif Myanmar Cond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Myanmar Cond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Myanmar Cond Light", "Noto Serif Myanmar Cond Med", "Noto Serif Myanmar Cond SemBd", "Noto Serif Myanmar Cond Thin", "Noto Serif Myanmar ExtBd", "Noto Serif Myanmar ExtCond", "Noto Serif Myanmar ExtCond Blk", "Noto Serif Myanmar ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Myanmar ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Myanmar ExtCond Light", "Noto Serif Myanmar ExtCond Med", "Noto Serif Myanmar ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Serif Myanmar ExtCond Thin", "Noto Serif Myanmar ExtLt", "Noto Serif Myanmar Light", "Noto Serif Myanmar Med", "Noto Serif Myanmar SemBd", "Noto Serif Myanmar SemCond", "Noto Serif Myanmar SemCond Blk", "Noto Serif Myanmar SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Myanmar SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Myanmar SemCond Light", "Noto Serif Myanmar SemCond Med", "Noto Serif Myanmar SemCond SemBd", "Noto Serif Myanmar SemCond Thin", "Noto Serif Myanmar Thin", "Noto Serif SemiBold", "Noto Serif SemiCondensed", "Noto Serif SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Serif SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Serif SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Sinhala", "Noto Serif Sinhala Black", "Noto Serif Sinhala Condensed", "Noto Serif Sinhala Condensed Black", "Noto Serif Sinhala Condensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Sinhala Condensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Sinhala Condensed Light", "Noto Serif Sinhala Condensed Medium", "Noto Serif Sinhala Condensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Sinhala Condensed Thin", "Noto Serif Sinhala ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Sinhala ExtraCondensed", "Noto Serif Sinhala ExtraCondensed Black", "Noto Serif Sinhala ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Sinhala ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Sinhala ExtraCondensed Light", "Noto Serif Sinhala ExtraCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif Sinhala ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Sinhala ExtraCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Sinhala ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Sinhala Light", "Noto Serif Sinhala Medium", "Noto Serif Sinhala SemiBold", "Noto Serif Sinhala SemiCondensed", "Noto Serif Sinhala SemiCondensed Black", "Noto Serif Sinhala SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Sinhala SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Sinhala SemiCondensed Light", "Noto Serif Sinhala SemiCondensed Medium", "Noto Serif Sinhala SemiCondensed SemiBold", "Noto Serif Sinhala SemiCondensed Thin", "Noto Serif Sinhala Thin", "Noto Serif Tamil", "Noto Serif Tamil Blk", "Noto Serif Tamil Cond", "Noto Serif Tamil Cond Blk", "Noto Serif Tamil Cond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Tamil Cond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Tamil Cond Light", "Noto Serif Tamil Cond Med", "Noto Serif Tamil Cond SemBd", "Noto Serif Tamil Cond Thin", "Noto Serif Tamil ExtBd", "Noto Serif Tamil ExtCond", "Noto Serif Tamil ExtCond Blk", "Noto Serif Tamil ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Tamil ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Tamil ExtCond Light", "Noto Serif Tamil ExtCond Med", "Noto Serif Tamil ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Serif Tamil ExtCond Thin", "Noto Serif Tamil ExtLt", "Noto Serif Tamil Light", "Noto Serif Tamil Med", "Noto Serif Tamil SemBd", "Noto Serif Tamil SemCond", "Noto Serif Tamil SemCond Blk", "Noto Serif Tamil SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Tamil SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Tamil SemCond Light", "Noto Serif Tamil SemCond Med", "Noto Serif Tamil SemCond SemBd", "Noto Serif Tamil SemCond Thin", "Noto Serif Tamil Slanted", "Noto Serif Tamil Thin", "Noto Serif Telugu", "Noto Serif Telugu Black", "Noto Serif Telugu ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Telugu ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Telugu Light", "Noto Serif Telugu Medium", "Noto Serif Telugu SemiBold", "Noto Serif Telugu Thin", "Noto Serif Thai", "Noto Serif Thai Blk", "Noto Serif Thai Cond", "Noto Serif Thai Cond Blk", "Noto Serif Thai Cond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Thai Cond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Thai Cond Light", "Noto Serif Thai Cond Med", "Noto Serif Thai Cond SemBd", "Noto Serif Thai Cond Thin", "Noto Serif Thai ExtBd", "Noto Serif Thai ExtCond", "Noto Serif Thai ExtCond Blk", "Noto Serif Thai ExtCond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Thai ExtCond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Thai ExtCond Light", "Noto Serif Thai ExtCond Med", "Noto Serif Thai ExtCond SemBd", "Noto Serif Thai ExtCond Thin", "Noto Serif Thai ExtLt", "Noto Serif Thai Light", "Noto Serif Thai Med", "Noto Serif Thai SemBd", "Noto Serif Thai SemCond", "Noto Serif Thai SemCond Blk", "Noto Serif Thai SemCond ExtBd", "Noto Serif Thai SemCond ExtLt", "Noto Serif Thai SemCond Light", "Noto Serif Thai SemCond Med", "Noto Serif Thai SemCond SemBd", "Noto Serif Thai SemCond Thin", "Noto Serif Thai Thin", "Noto Serif Thin", "Noto Serif Tibetan", "Noto Serif Tibetan Black", "Noto Serif Tibetan ExtraBold", "Noto Serif Tibetan ExtraLight", "Noto Serif Tibetan Light", "Noto Serif Tibetan Medium", "Noto Serif Tibetan SemiBold", "Noto Serif Tibetan Thin", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Black", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Condensed", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Condensed Black", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Condensed ExtraBold", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Condensed ExtraLight", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Condensed Light", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Condensed Medium", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Condensed SemiBold", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Condensed Thin", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted ExtraBold", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted ExtraCondensed", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted ExtraCondensed Black", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted ExtraCondensed ExtraBold", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted ExtraCondensed ExtraLight", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted ExtraCondensed Light", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted ExtraCondensed Medium", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted ExtraCondensed SemiBold", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted ExtraCondensed Thin", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted ExtraLight", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Light", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Medium", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted SemiBold", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted SemiCondensed", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted SemiCondensed Black", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted SemiCondensed ExtraBold", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted SemiCondensed ExtraLight", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted SemiCondensed Light", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted SemiCondensed Medium", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted SemiCondensed SemiBold", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted SemiCondensed Thin", "NotoSerifTamilSlanted Thin", "Open Sans", "Open Sans Condensed", "Open Sans Condensed Light", "Open Sans Extrabold", "Open Sans Light", "Open Sans Semibold", "OpenSymbol", "P052 [UKWN]", "P052 [urw]", "Quicksand", "Quicksand Light", "Quicksand Medium", "Roboto", "Roboto Black", "Roboto Condensed", "Roboto Condensed Light", "Roboto Condensed Medium", "Roboto Light", "Roboto Medium", "Roboto Thin", "rsfs10", "Sans Serif", "Serif", "Standard Symbols L", "Standard Symbols PS [URW ]", "Standard Symbols PS [urw]", "STIX", "STIX Math", "STIXGeneral", "STIXIntegralsD", "STIXIntegralsSm", "STIXIntegralsUp", "STIXIntegralsUpD", "STIXIntegralsUpSm", "STIXNonUnicode", "STIXSizeFiveSym", "STIXSizeFourSym", "STIXSizeOneSym", "STIXSizeThreeSym", "STIXSizeTwoSym", "STIXVariants", "stmary10", "Symbola", "Terminus", "Unidings", "URW Bookman [urw]", "URW Bookman [UKWN]", "URW Bookman L", "URW Chancery L", "URW Gothic [UKWN]", "URW Gothic [urw]", "URW Gothic L", "URW Palladio L", "wasy10", "Z003 [urw]", "Z003 [UKWN]")
[08:23:27:045][0x248f380][Info]:0: "Running app..."
[08:23:27:076][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:316: "Activated selectors:" ("custom", "en_US", "unix", "linux", "debian")
[08:23:27:078][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:503: "Registering types..."
[08:23:27:081][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:539: "Registering shared types..."
[08:23:27:081][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:551: "Registering tool types..."
[08:23:27:081][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:560: "Registering shared tool types..."
[08:23:27:148][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:340: "Loading main view..."
[08:23:27:213][0x248f380][Info]components/core/CoreManager.cpp:242: "Launch async core creation." [08:23:27:430][0x248f380][Info]components/core/CoreManager.cpp:212: "Set `Friends` path: `/home/kobaz/.local/share/linphone/friends.db`" [08:23:27:430][0x248f380][Info]components/core/CoreManager.cpp:213: "Set `CallLogs` path: `/home/kobaz/.local/share/linphone/call-history.db`" [08:23:27:435][0x248f380][Info]components/core/CoreManager.cpp:77: "Core created. Enable iterate." [08:23:27:435][0x248f380][Info]components/core/CoreHandlers.cpp:76: "Core started." [08:23:27:439][0x248f380][Info]components/sip-addresses/SipAddressesModel.cpp:544: Sip addresses model initialized in: 3 ms. [08:23:27:449][0x248f380][Info]components/core/event-count-notifier/AbstractEventCountNotifier.cpp:66: "Notify event count: 0." [08:23:27:449][0x248f380][Info]components/core/CoreManager.cpp:289: "Migrate from old rc file (0 to 1)."
[08:23:27:586][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:778: "Open Linphone app."
[08:23:27:586][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:225: "Creating subwindow: `qrc:/ui/views/App/Calls/CallsWindow.qml`."
[08:23:27:624][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:232: "Subwindow status: `1`."
[08:23:27:635][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:225: "Creating subwindow: `qrc:/ui/views/App/Settings/SettingsWindow.qml`."
[08:23:27:676][0x248f380][Info]app/App.cpp:232: "Subwindow status: `1`."
[08:23:27:909][0x248f380][Info]components/core/event-count-notifier/AbstractEventCountNotifier.cpp:66: "Notify event count: 0."
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

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