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Re: [Linphone-developers] AppImage builds for Linux

From: Peio Rigaux
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] AppImage builds for Linux
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 19:44:22 +0200
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Hello Alexander.

The download page on the website is not up-to-date. It is referring the last version up as when the article about the beta was published.

Actually the packages are named "alpha" because they came from the master branch.

For other projects, we usually use a stabilization branch (creating "beta" packages), but not for this particular version of Linphone-desktop.

This is because the last "stable" version of Linphone-desktop is almost 3 years old, and has a lot of issues (especially with new mobile versions).

The current alpha (nightly) packages are more stable than the old stable version, that's why we skipped the "beta" step (all developments done in Linphone-desktop will be in the next release).

However, we still call it a beta in our website to indicate that open testing is welcomed.

Currently, you can use the alpha 35 version. Ideally, you could eventually always use the latest one (to get the latest fixes, and the fewest latest bugs).

For instance, the next nightly will resolve a crash related to call recording management.

Concerning the checksum part, I think this can be fixed on our side, to avoid changing checksum if the code didn't change.

Thanks for your interest in Linphone !


Peio Rigaux
Junior Software Engineer
Belledonne Communications, the company behind Linphone

Le 30/04/2020 à 14:25, Alexander Koch via Linphone-developers a écrit :

I'm the maintainer of the 'linphone-desktop-appimage' package for Arch Linux' User Repositories (AUR).

I'm a bit confused by the different AppImage versions that are available on [1], which are currently:

 - Linphone-4.1.1-826-g0c113bb.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.1.2-pre.814+6bc31c9.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.1.2-pre.818+e57cade.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.1.2-pre.818+eeaa0d3.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.2.0-alpha.10+6869569.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.2.0-alpha.11+3fb6cf9.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.2.0-alpha.13+8f45b68.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.2.0-alpha.14+0d3c37b.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.2.0-alpha.17+09ec28d.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.2.0-alpha.20+3c5a8c5.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.2.0-alpha.27+9b156c0.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.2.0-alpha.29+ce58ce0.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.2.0-alpha.32+f2b054c.AppImage
 - Linphone-4.2.0-alpha.35+345432b.AppImage

The official downloads page [2] refers to alpha.14 (while calling it 'Beta') but there are newer versions available in that directory, the latest one being alpha.35 as of now. In addition to that, the latest one seems to be rebuilt daily so the checksum of the file always changes.

So I'm trying to figure out which version I should package.

Is alpha.14 regarded to be more stable than the others, so should I use that one? Or is the downloads page just not up-to-date and one should always use the latest one?

Best regards



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