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[Linphone-developers] Troubles with Linphone Android.

From: Mikhail Sviridov
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Troubles with Linphone Android.
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2020 06:08:23 +0000

Hi Everyone,


We are trying to build Android application using LinphoneSDK/LinphoneLib and we do have few problems.


At the moment we are trying to use “stable” version 4.3+

In the build.gradle:

debugImplementation "org.linphone:linphone-sdk-android-debug:4.3+"
releaseImplementation "org.linphone:linphone-sdk-android:4.3+"


  1. When I try to invite two participants one by one – the second one will not be invited. Yet if I try to invite both as conference – those got invited.
            val core = LinphoneService.getCore()
            val confParams: ConferenceParams? =core.createConferenceParams()
            var conference: Conference = core.createConferenceWithParams(confParams)
var callParams: CallParams? = core.createCallParams(null)


This is inside cycle – test code. Both user0 and user1 exist

                        val tempStr: String = "sip:user$j@${SIP_DOMAIN}"
val addressToCall: Address? = core.interpretUrl(tempStr)
//!! Here problems                        val tempCall1: org.linphone.core.Call = core.inviteAddressWithParams(addressToCall, callParams)


val tempArray: Array<Address?> = tempList.toTypedArray()
//!! Below invites both participants alright.
conference.inviteParticipants(tempArray, callParams)    



  1. If I have 1 (or more) outgoing calls in the conference I can’t add accepted incoming call to the conference – what is wrong?
core.addAllToConference() – does not add accepted incoming call
  core.addToConference(tempCall) – does not add accepted incoming call


  1. If I have a conference running (with 1 or more outgoing calls) and I accept incoming call all calls goes out of the conference and I can’t invite incoming call only incoming call was added (see above).



With Best Regards,


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