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Re: [Linphone-developers] crosscompiling with modern tools possible?

From: Nicolas Michon
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] crosscompiling with modern tools possible?
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2019 15:28:04 +0100
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I didn't really understand what you are trying to achieve here. Building linphone-desktop (Qt client) or linphone-sdk with your own client on top ?

On 29/10/2019 09:03, Christian Mette wrote:
hello list member,
a nice morning to everybody

I have two tricky questions:

1. can anybody help me to setup an crosscompiling environment with "up to date tools" between Win 8.1.x64 Prof VisualStudio 2019 Comunity (VS2019C) and Raspberry Pi 4B Buster? I've checked out the linphone-sdk on, but many Build requisites (build with a CMake project) has changed (yasm has changed, nasm has changed, python now availabe als virtual environment inside VS2019C, i'got man tagging errors from your gitlab etc.) for an up to date environment with VS2019C on Win x64. My goal is to build an new desktop client for Raspbian Buster. Is there may be an easier solution/way available to build only the desktop client? no matter what programming langauge i should use to do that.

We actually never tried compiling with VS2019 (If it doesn't work now, it will before the next desktop release) nor cross-compiling from windows.

Cross-compilation can be tricky enough without Windows in the equation and I won't try it. Some have tried with the linux subsystem for Windows but IMO it should be easier with a linux virtual machine or directly on the raspberry. Yocto is also an alternative to build for the raspberry.

You can find documentation about linphone on raspberry here: (remove the 'no-ui' part in the configure script to include QT interface).

2. i trying to get up and running the python environment an Raspberry Pi 4B Buster, and the python linphone module works well but
->python2.7 is out of date, python-sip is unavailable for python2.7
->python-qt4 is no longer supported ->is there a solution?
->is there a linphone module for python3 and Qt5 available soon?

Not for now, but some work has been done to make the python wrapper work with python3. You can try with the following git branch of the linphone project:



I would be happy about a few tips.

Best regards

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