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[Linphone-developers] h264 hardware encode with linphone

From: toujani akrem
Subject: [Linphone-developers] h264 hardware encode with linphone
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2019 14:02:52 +0100


I'm Integrating a new Webcam with h264 hardware encode using linphone/mediastreamer2

In fact  I want to read a h264 Stream from wemCam "/dev/video1" in order to send that in RTP session. For this, I'm using a mediastreamer2 Framework, my goal is to delete the h264 software encodrer used by mediastreamer2 because hight CPU used, and, to read directly the Stream from the /dev/video1 hardware encoded.

Before sending the flux in RTP we have to prepare the NALUs packets, my problem here  is I can't extract the bytestream in order to convert that to NALU.

the communication between mediastreamer's Filters is by "mblk_t" structure  that contain deferent informations, in this state when I can extarct the h264 encoded bytestream the issu will be solved.

any help please and thnks very much in advance



Embedded System Engineer


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