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[Linphone-developers] no response for outgoing call volume but OK for in

From: Bill hamilton
Subject: [Linphone-developers] no response for outgoing call volume but OK for incoming call
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2018 09:37:27 -0700

Hi guy,
    I encounter the serious bug that no any volume response when you make an out-gong call and touch button to change the volume, the volume of speaker and handset always the same,  however, when it comes to incoming call , everything is fine, no any volume problem. 
    Setting file, I remove the auto-adjust volume.  The library is : linphone-android , android studio to compile and download the code into the devices.
   Following are a part of  incoming and outgoing call function:

      public void acceptCall() {

        LinphoneCore lc = LinphoneManager.getLc();
        LinphoneCall calls[] = lc.getCalls();

        //Loop through all the active calls and find the one that is incoming
        //for (LinphoneCall thisCall : calls) {
        try {

            LinphoneCall ic = lc.getCallById(LinphoneCall.INCOMING_CALL);
            //WMI-769 added a check if the incoming call is null
            if (ic != null && ic.getState() == LinphoneCall.State.IncomingReceived) {

                Log.i("acceptCall()", " Accepting");



                //If we already have a call, pause it and change its id to WAITING_CALL
                LinphoneCall pc = lc.getCallById(LinphoneCall.PRIMARY_CALL);
                if (pc != null) {

                //Make sure this call is set as primary

                //If a conference exists, add this call to it.
                if (lc.getConference() != null) {

                //If there is more than one call, pause the others

            } else {
                Log.i("acceptCall()", " Not Incoming");

        } catch (LinphoneCoreException e) {


 public void call(String destinationSipAddress) throws LinphoneCoreException {

        //First, start captions

        Log.i("HI: CALL", "");
        LinphoneCore lc = LinphoneManager.getLc();
        //LinphoneProxyConfig[] proxies = lc.getProxyConfigList();
   //       lc.enableEchoLimiter(true);

        LinphoneAddress callTo = LinphoneCoreFactory.instance().createLinphoneAddress(destinationSipAddress);

        //Make Primary Call

        LinphoneCall call = lc.inviteId(callTo,LinphoneCall.PRIMARY_CALL);

     //   call.enableEchoCancellation(true);
        //LinphoneManager.setPrimaryCall(call);  //Tell linphone manager which call is primary

        Log.i("HI: call() PRIMARY","to:"+callTo.toString()+" proxy:"+lc.getDefaultProxyConfig().getProxy()); //Log the proxy we are using
        Log.i("HI: CALL", "Call to " + destinationSipAddress + " is in progress...");


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