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[Linphone-developers] linphone as "dialer" for an android device?

From: address@hidden
Subject: [Linphone-developers] linphone as "dialer" for an android device?
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 16:19:22 +0200
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Hi all,

I'm using linphone both on my desktop (OpenSuse) and on my Android smartphone, 
as VoIP client.
Both connected via SIP to the asterisk on my home router (German Fritzbox). All 
working fine, except some GUI issues on
linux. And a missing command line interface to the linphone qt gui gui, to be 
able to make calls directly from e.g. my
kde/plasma kadressbook. But both not that important :-)

Starting from Monday I don't have a landline to mobile flatrate anymore, only 
landline to landline, and mobile to mobile.

So it would be cool being able to make MOBILE calls via my headset connected to 
my linux box, already used for linphone
VoIP (landline) calls.

No idea if and how this might be possible, with linphone. Searched for any 
other dialers available for linux, which can
"talk" to an android device, nothing found.

On the other hand I've found, that OFONO 
(,, which offers an application development framework plus 
an API for GSM/UMTS. Shipped with a couple
of test scripts, working fine. Once ofonod daemon is started and my smartphone 
is connected via bluetooth (bluez) to my
linux box, I can initiate calls on command line/bash. Initiate, no chance for 
DTMF, no hangup etc., everything after
call established has to be done "manually" on Android.

Probably technically "far away" from each other, VoIP and Bluetooth HFP etc., 
but any idea how to bring this together?

Any hints welcome,

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