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Re: [Linphone-developers] Linphone Android: Registration stucks

From: MFriedrich
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Linphone Android: Registration stucks
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2018 12:48:38 +0200
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Hello Sylvain,

how can i enable this feature in the linphone app?

I just downloaded the linphone app from the google play store and on the assistent i choose "Use Sip Account" and entered a random username , password and for the domain I entered a local ip adress like

If there is no sip server reachabe with that ip address, linphone shows a rotating ring until i close the app. If there is a sip server reachable with that ip address, the linphone app is registering and it works as expected.

Best regards


Am 17.07.18 um 12:09 schrieb Sylvain Berfini:

Hi Max,

Please send us logs using the upload logs feature of linphone-android.


Sylvain Berfini
Software Engineer @ Belledonne Communications
On 17/07/2018 12:00, MFriedrich wrote:

Hello Michael,

thank you for your help.

I think you meant to change the following:

use_ipv6=1 to use_ipv6=0 inside the linhonerc_default.

After rebuilding the app and after reinstalling it on the tablet device, there is no effect. 
The app still stucks in "Registration in Progress".
Best regards,


Am 17.07.18 um 11:31 schrieb MichaelOF:
Hi Max,

maybe the same underlying root cause: I've tried a while without success to connect via linphone app to an existing sip server (German FritzBox), with 100% correct credentials. Same Registration in Progress wait-forever you've described.

Found out, that settings-network-allowIPv6 was the reason. Fritzbox's sip server on local lan seems not to work via IPv6, and linphone app seems not to run into network timeouts for non-existing IPv6 sip servers. 

As IPv6 is enabled as default in linphone app, maybe worth trying to disable and see if your sip server will be detected as offline/non-existing via IPv4? 

Am 17. Juli 2018 11:13:52 MESZ schrieb MFriedrich <address@hidden>:

I think I discovered an issue with the linphone android app.

If I try to register the linphone app to a new sip server that is not 
reachable, the registration stucks into "Registration in Progress" and
have to quit the linphone app.

On the ios app this works as expected. The registration failes after 
some seconds.

Best regards


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