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[Linphone-developers] Problem: Proximity Sensor, Call History and Keyboa

From: Bima H.
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Problem: Proximity Sensor, Call History and Keyboard
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 16:59:53 +0100

Hi Developers,
I would like to give you some suggestions to improve Linphone:

1)Activating Proximity immediately:
If I call and the app is still trying to connect, the proximity sensor is not activated causing my ear clicking any buttons on the display! Normally, if people want to call somebody, they just type the number, click dial and DIRECTLY put the phone on the ear. Please change the app code so that the proximity sensor is activated as soon as the users click the call button (just like native android call app).

2) Android native call/SMS app history - Linphone call/SMS history synchronization:
Please make Linphone to copy all call history from the android native call app to Linphone call history and vice versa and make Linphone synchronises itself with the native call app history every time Linphone is launched or call is made by Linphone. Please add this behaviour also for the SMS, so that both the call history and SMS in the native android app and Linphone are always synchronized each other. As examples, please see Zoiper app for call history or mobilevoip app (from company Finarea) for call and SMS history.

3)Hide keyboard after clicking a contact in search result:
This is a bit annoying for me, if I search someone to call and type his name on the search box and click the name from the search result (link of screenshoot):

The keyboard is still showing and covering the call button. I muss click the back button so that I can click call button (links of screenshots):

Please change the code so that Linphone hides the keyboard as soon as the search result is clicked.

Thank you for your attention. I hope you can improve your app.


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