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Re: [Linphone-developers] Linphone 4 crashes after SIP registration rece

From: Sebastian Gunreben
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Linphone 4 crashes after SIP registration receiving 200 OK
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2018 17:17:47 +0100
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Hello Developers

Digging further into that Issue leads to the following findings :

200 ok response includes authentication-info header without the nextnonce 

Rfc2617 3.2.3 is not consistant about that. The text says 'if present ' however 
the syntax statement is different. 

Linphone assumes that there must be nextnonce present and that is why the app 

Will this nextnonce issue be fixed?

Best regards Sebastian 

Am 10. Januar 2018 21:45:04 MEZ schrieb Sebastian Gunreben <address@hidden>:
>Hello Linphone Users and Developers,
>I used linphone version 3 successfully behind a router (acting as an
>application layer gateway) at a public Internet access.
>I used the VOIP service of my provider and experienced a well
>working software.
>After upgrading the client (Windows) to linphone version 4 (without
>touching the configuration file), linphone crashes, i.e. Windows
>appcrash. Using Linux OS the issue is reproducible and also leads to a
>linphone (it does not matter if Linphone GTK, linphonec,
>linphone-daemon) crashes in the following scenario (please see attached
>1) Client sends SIP registration to network
>2) Network answers with 401 unauthorized
>3) Client sends SIP registration with authentication information
>4) Network answers with 200 OK
>5) linphone stops working and crashes
>First investigation ...
>- Enabling logging information points to 
>    >> belle-sip/src/provider.c:232
>>> Updating auth context for ream [] next nonce is going
>to be [(null)]
>  null? 200 OK provides a new nonce neq null.
>- Enabling gdb debugging points to the segmentation at
>    >> belle-sip/src/provider.c:1024
>    >> the strcmp function dies because first argument is "null".
>It looks like that the next_nonce is not read out properly from the 200
>message. Why? Any help would be appreciated.
>It there is more information required, I could provide pcap traces or
>Best regards,

Dr. Sebastian Gunreben 

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