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Re: [Linphone-developers] playbackga command in linphonec gives error "C

From: Davis Roman
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] playbackga command in linphonec gives error "Cannot understand this" (linphone 3.7)
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2017 08:45:37 -0400

For posterity, I'll answer my own post.

After visiting the linphone irc channel, I learned from wabbits that the full command is needed.

address@hidden:~$ linphonec
Warning: video is disabled in linphonec, use -V or -C or -D to enable.
linphonec> help
Commands are:
---------------------------            help Print commands help.
    answer Answer a call
autoanswer Show/set auto-answer mode
      call Call a SIP uri or number
     calls Show all the current calls with their id and status.
 call-logs Calls history
    camera Send camera output for current call.
      chat Chat with a SIP uri
conference Create and manage an audio conference.
  duration Print duration in seconds of the last call.
  firewall Set firewall policy
    friend Manage friends
      ipv6 Use IPV6
      mute Mute microphone and suspend voice transmission.
       nat Set nat address
     pause pause a call
      play play a wav file
playbackga Adjust playback gain.    
     proxy Manage proxies
    record record to a wav file
    resume resume a call
 soundcard Manage soundcards
      stun Set stun server address
 terminate Terminate a call
  transfer Transfer a call to a specified destination.
    unmute Unmute microphone and resume voice transmission.
    webcam Manage webcams
      quit Exit linphonec
Type 'help <command>' for more details or
     'help advanced' to list additional commands.
linphonec> playbackgain 0
linphonec> playbackgain 1



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