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[Linphone-developers] Step into native code of linphone-android in Andro

From: Rishav Ambasta
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Step into native code of linphone-android in Android Studio
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2017 16:22:21 +0530

Dear All,
         I have build linphone-android from souces as per the
instructions from github readme, it's running fine.
Now, In order to understand it, I wanted to step through the code in
Android Studio (v 2.3.1).
Android Studio works just fine in the Java & JNI part of the code, but
does'nt hit any breakpoints on the native part.
Doesn't even index the native code. Hence I use QT-Creator as a code
editor for native code (which is little helpful in basic editing i.e.
code completion and browsing the indexed code) but, right now for
debugging I am dependent on log messages only.

Can anyone suggest, how do I step through the native code of
linphone-android in the Android Studio.

Best Regards,
*Rishav Ambasta*

*Save Plants, Save Life ...*

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