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[Linphone-developers] iOS config-uri error

From: Michael Valentiner
Subject: [Linphone-developers] iOS config-uri error
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2017 23:20:20 -0600

I am adding video capability to an app follow the Linphone iOS app source code. 
 I am using LinphoneManager.h/.m as it is used in the Linphone iOS app.  I’ve 
included the app resources and included them in the Copy Bundle Resources build 
phase.  When I run, I am getting an error when configuring:  

Feb 21 16:41:51 iPhone NRM Demo[217] <Error>: lib/ms_load_file_content(): could 
not open 
Feb 21 16:41:51 iPhone NRM Demo[217] <Notice>: ios/(LinphoneManager.m:968 ) 
onGlobalStatusChanged: 1 (message: Bad URI)

At startup, my AppDelegate calls LinphoneManager.init, which calls 
LinphoneManager.overrideDefaultSettings , which has this line:

        _configDb = lp_config_new_with_factory([confiFileName UTF8String], 
[factory UTF8String]);

_configDb, then contains this entry:


The Linphone app has this:


Does anyone know why this is happening? How to get rid of it?  Is it a bug in 

Michael Valentiner

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