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[Linphone-developers] Two callers and Many watchers

From: Mikaeel Bliss
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Two callers and Many watchers
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 16:47:22 +0330

Hi linphone team

For a classroom we want to broadcast teachers video among about 10 students. only teacher and one of the students has a linphone-android and can call the other one, the other students have pc's and just need to watch teacher in a normal video player like VLC. We found a solution that teacher and student make a video call and teacher uses Multicast then others can watch him in VLC using sdp file. But the solution failed because after enabling multicast on teacher side, video begins multicasting but the student only sees a black screen and after 30seconds ends the call. Another problem is that the student won't send anything to teacher. so we believe there should be some problem in configuration. What parameters we missed?
1. We only set enable_video_multicasting, enable_audio_multicasting, and set the addreses before inviting the student. Do we need to set some other parameters, for example TTL or ... ?
2. Should we set something in linphonerc Configuration file which is in res/raw direcory? cause it has nothing about multicasting but it has a RTP section.

Best regards

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