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[Linphone-developers] crash in oRTP log_send_error() function

From: BOITEUX, Frederic
Subject: [Linphone-developers] crash in oRTP log_send_error() function
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 14:43:02 +0000

        Hello oRTP developpers,

Using 0.27.0 release, I got a crash in oRTP inside the "new" log_send_error() 
function, because it tries to build a printable ip address from a NULL pointer. 
I can easily fix it by testing destaddr input value, but I'd like to understand 
why I get such a NULL value :
It comes from rtp_session_rtp_send() function, which has following code :

        if (session->flags & RTP_SOCKET_CONNECTED) {

Then is calling rtp_session_rtp_sendto() with these destaddr/destlen null 
values (the oRTP socket is in connected mode).
I wonder why the remote address, stored in session structure, isn't used here, 
instead of using NULL value ? I tried to look in Git log, but this code was 
already there when oRTP code was imported inside Git repository...

        With regards,
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