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[Linphone-developers] No codecs beside SPEEX/16000 working on Yocto

From: Carriero Stefano I . MSCE_T_H14 . 1401
Subject: [Linphone-developers] No codecs beside SPEEX/16000 working on Yocto
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2016 19:07:45 +0000

Dear all,


I have followed the instructions given on the wiki page ( and successfully installed Linphone onto my Yocto Linux. Most of the features are working fine, but there is one important functionality that gives me some headache: I am not able to use codecs other than the SPEEX/16000.

By default the following codecs are enabled in the configuration (.linphonerc file):

-        Speex/1600

-        Speex/8000

-        PCMU

-        PCMA


I am doing calls on the LAN from my Win7 Linphone to the linphonec on the Yocto Linux. With Speex/16000 enabled, no issues.

When I disable the Speex/16000, I am still able to establish the call and the application is saying “Media streams established”, but there is no sound in neither direction.


The strange thing is that although I disabled the Speex/16000 in the config file, when I restart the application it would still see it as enabled:

2016-11-05 08:13:17:433 ortp-message-Codec speex/16000 fmtp=[vbr=on] number=-1, enabled=1) added to the list of possible codecs.


Please find attached the full log file.


While building Linphone on Yocto, bitbake showed a warning that might have a relation to the above mentioned problem. It said that there were two providers of “speex” (i.e. speex, speex-bc) and it recommended to set a preferred provider. I have then set the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_speex to “speex” within the local.conf, but the issue remains the same. Do I have to set it to “speex-bc”?


Any help to solve this issues is appreciated.


Best regards



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