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Re: [Linphone-developers] Calls over proxy server

From: Ruchi Agrawal
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Calls over proxy server
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2016 09:39:50 -0700

Hi All Linphone Developers,

This is a Live Bug in Linphone iPhone , I also recently faced the same problem and then found this below information about callKit Support issue, Belledonne.. is working to fix this, hope we can get its stable release soon, Here is the link ..

Ruchi Agrawal

Thanks & Regards
Ruchi Agrawal

On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 4:59 AM, Lindsey Vastola <address@hidden> wrote:
Make sure that your library search paths are right in Xcode. You will see a warning in the console if they aren't. 

On Wednesday, November 2, 2016, jose fernandes <address@hidden> wrote:
More info about this,

when smartphones are connected to same WIFI network everything works fine, problem is when I call from different network. Ex: 3G to smartphone connected to home WIFI.

Probably a problem with stun request?

Thank you

On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 1:02 PM, jose fernandes <address@hidden> wrote:

I am using linphone client on both IOs and Android version and I am having problems when I connect to a SIP proxy server.

No sound or video available.

When I connect to a SIP redirect server everything works fine.

Any tips about this?

Thank you

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