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[Linphone-developers] PLC Module crashing with SwitchVox 6.2.1

From: Cameron Ambrose
Subject: [Linphone-developers] PLC Module crashing with SwitchVox 6.2.1
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2016 10:42:31 -0600

We recently upgraded our phone system from SwitchVox 5.11 to 6.2.1 and now it 
causes LinPhone to crash when streaming the audio for a call completion error. 
The error is expressed as a recording that states “There was a problem 
completing the call on channel…” and then spells out the letters of the channel 
that has failed. Linphone will consistently crash immediately after the first 
part of the recorded message. I have talked to SwitchVox to see what may have 
changed in the RTP stream between the 2 versions, but they are generally 
unwilling to help diagnose 3rd party client issues.

I have identified the PLC as the module that is crashing, but I’m a little out 
of my element as far as diagnosing why it is crashing or how to resolve it. Any 
thoughts about where to start? I do have packet captures of the stream creating 
the issue, so if that would be helpful, I am more than happy to share.

Thanks for your assistance,

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