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[Linphone-developers] Weird badlevel-##### messages when using Linphone

From: Eugenio Bargiacchi
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Weird badlevel-##### messages when using Linphone compiled from source
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2016 18:05:59 +0200


I've recently compiled Linphone using Yocto Poky (tag yocto: yocto-1.5.4, tag poky: dora-10.0.4), in order to put it onto a specific machine.

I've compiled the following from source, from the following git hashes:

- Linphone:             24c62f63d7bfeeb4d9331acf65e3c03f8d1e0f00
- Mediastreamer2:   52806d2c5dde697d190ce33f2b5bad386e5bb74f
- oRTP:                  146a8b2bf5f8768aa7596f48084f783bf31d1bf0
- bctoolbox:            426ec855b5d55305531291be5a2017332972f7c3
- belle-sip               c05ca9b4c459d9d320be8b3f6b3587dfb92a5f7d

I've used the following flags:

MS2: "--disable-glx --disable-ffmpeg"
Linphone: "--without-readline --enable-external-mediastreamer=yes --enable-external-ortp=yes --disable-video --disable-gtk_ui"

I'm also attaching the configuration/compilation logs.

I'm using Linphone from linphonec. My problem is that on that machine, oRTP prints very often messages reporting ortp-badlevel-#####, where "####" stands for bad strings that you generally get when you try to print invalid pointers (weird characters, console breaking and so on).

Aside from this, calls seem to work, answering, pausing and so on all seem to work. I was wondering why this could happen, and how much I should be worried about it.

I've tried compiling everything on my local machine, and it seems to be working on that one, which has me even more stumped.

Thanks for your help.


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