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[Linphone-developers] Liblinphone Android video call IO error

From: Hieu Tang
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Liblinphone Android video call IO error
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2016 15:45:49 +1100
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I have been implementing Linphone in my Android app. The library is so great. I have followed closely with the Linphone-android source code.
I run into this error a few weeks ago and failed to find the cause ever since. When I tried to initiate video from one phone to another, receiving end would get this error message

03-14 14:16:41.761  26181-26181/ E/ASD﹕ udp_listening_point: recvfrom() failed on [sip:;transport=UDP], : [Try again] reopening server socket
03-14 14:16:41.761  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ Listening point destroying [1] channels
03-14 14:16:41.771  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ channel 0x99908000: state DISCONNECTED
03-14 14:16:41.771  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ channel [0x99908000]: ending send background task with id=[3005ca].
03-14 14:16:41.771  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ wake_lock_release(): Android wake lock released [ref=0x3005ca]
03-14 14:16:41.771  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ transaction [0x9b3df220] channel state changed to [DISCONNECTED]
03-14 14:16:41.771  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ Refresher: scheduling next timer in 60000 ms
03-14 14:16:41.771  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ Register refresher  [503] reason [io error] for proxy []
03-14 14:16:41.771  26181-26181/ I/Linphone﹕ Registration on failed: io error
03-14 14:16:41.771  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ Linphone core [0xb4f6e400] notifying [display_status]
03-14 14:16:41.771  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ Proxy config [0xa23fd380] for identity [] moving from state [LinphoneRegistrationProgress] to [LinphoneRegistrationFailed] on core [0xb4f6e400]
03-14 14:16:41.781  26181-26181/ I/Linphone﹕ New registration state [RegistrationFailed]
03-14 14:16:41.781  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ Linphone core [0xb4f6e400] notifying [registration_state_changed]
03-14 14:16:41.781  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ Changing [client] [REGISTER] transaction [0x9b3df220], from state [INIT] to [TERMINATED]
03-14 14:16:41.781  26181-26181/ I/ASD﹕ Client internal REGISTER transaction [0x9b3df220] terminated

When I use my app to call the official Linphone app from Play Store, same issue, Linphone app displays a popup “Unknown error – I/O error”.
It doesn’t happen for voice call. Where should I look into to find the cause?

Thanks in advance,
Hieu Tang

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