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Re: [Linphone-developers] flexisip pushnotifications not working

From: KGarifullin
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] flexisip pushnotifications not working
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2016 11:10:29 +0200

Hi !

Yes , certificate valid . Pusher (which is in the installation flexisip) sends notifications - all its ok.


# Indicate whether the module is activated.
#  Default value: false

# A request/response enters module if the boolean filter evaluates
# to true. Ex: from.uri.domain contains '', from.uri.domain
# in '', (to.uri.domain in '')
# && (user-agent == 'Linphone v2')
#  Default value:

# Number of second to wait before sending a push notification to
# device(if <=0 then disabled)
#  Default value: 5

# Maximum number of notifications queued for each client
#  Default value: 10

# Enable push notification for apple devices
#  Default value: true

# Path to directory where to find Apple Push Notification service
# certificates. They should bear the appid of the application, suffixed
# by the release mode and .pem extension. For example:
# etc... The files should
# be .pem format, and made of certificate followed by private key.
#  Default value: /etc/flexisip/apn

# Enable push notification for android devices
#  Default value: true

# List of couples projectId:ApiKey for each android project that
# supports push notifications
#  Default value:

# Enable push notification for windows phone 8 devices
#  Default value: true

# Set the badge value to 0 for apple push
#  Default value: false

# Instead of having Flexisip sending the push notification directly
# to the Google/Apple/Microsoft push servers, send an http request
# to an http server with all required information encoded in URL,
# to which the actual sending of the push notification is delegated.
# The following arguments can be substitued in the http request
# uri, with the following values:
#  - $type : apple, google, wp
#  - $event : call, message
#  - $from-name : the display name in the from header
#  - $from-uri : the sip uri of the from header
#  - $from-tag : the tag of the from header
#  - $call-id : the call-id of the INVITE or MESSAGE request
#  - $to-uri : the sip uri of the to header
#  - $api-key : the api key to use (google only)
#  - $msgid : the message id to put in the notification
#  - $sound : the sound file to play with the notification
 The content of the text message is put in the body of the http
# request as text/plain, if any.
#  Example:$type/$event?from-uri=$from-uri&tag=$from-tag&callid=$callid&to=$to-uri
#  Default value:

# Method for reaching external-push-uri, typically GET or POST
#  Default value: GET

if I'm not mistaken error - "Connection Refused" - is  BOOST error . Also i try different installation of flexisip( even recompile source code flexisip in ubuntu) and get the same error

what is "generic" or "not generic " push notification and how do I choose them?

Konstantin Garifullin

Guillaume <address@hidden>
Sent by: address@hidden

03.03.2016 10:31

Please respond to

Re: [Linphone-developers] flexisip pushnotifications not working


Are you sure that the certificate for the push is valid? Did you try connecting to the server using the openssl command line?

Also, what is your flexisip.conf push notification setup ? (you can redact sensible information)
It looks like you are using a generic push notification, which might not be what you actually want..

Guillaume Bienkowski

Le 2 mars 2016 à 18:00, address@hidden a écrit :


flexisip +linphone-iphone and linphone-android client   - all working fine, except pushnotification....

pusher working - all ok , push messege sending

new Contact: is emitted in REGISTERs  - ok

but pushnotification in flexisip still not working...

Mar 02 17:29:06 sip.xxxxxxxxx.xx  flexisip[17177]: PushNotificationClient generic next, queue_size=1

Mar 02 17:29:06  sip.xxxxxxxxx.xx flexisip[17177]: PushNotificationClient generic PNR 0x2188708 resolved

Mar 02 17:29:06  sip.xxxxxxxxx.xx flexisip[17177]: PushNotificationClient generic PNR 0x2188708 connect failed: Connection refused

Mar 02 17:29:06  sip.xxxxxxxxx.xx flexisip[17177]: PushNotificationClient generic PNR 0x2188708 disconnected

Mar 02 17:29:06  sip.xxxxxxxxx.xx flexisip[17177]: PNR 0x2188708: error Error

Mar 02 17:29:06  sip.xxxxxxxxx.xx flexisip[17177]: Notifying call context...

Mar 02 17:29:06  sip.xxxxxxxxx.xx flexisip[17177]: Early fail due to all push requests having failed

Mar 02 17:29:06  sip.xxxxxxxxx.xx flexisip[17177]: PushNotificationClient generic next, queue_size=0

Please help ....
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