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[Linphone-developers] unnecessary stun packets

From: Eli Burke
Subject: [Linphone-developers] unnecessary stun packets
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2016 15:50:15 -0500


Thanks for your prompt response to my email about video_config_read(). Another merge fixed the problem.

Now, we are debugging a problem when our client comes off hold, gets srtp_unprotect errors and disconnects the call. That’s an issue, but not the subject of this email. We noticed during testing we get a lot of these log messages:

2016-02-10 15:12:00:725 xyz[7576:7953677] Stun packet sent  on rtcp for session [0x15f91b000]
2016-02-10 15:12:01:222 xyz[7576:7953677] Stun packet sent  on rtcp for session [0x15f91b000]

Our firewall_policy is set to LinphonePolicyNone, but still the stun packets are being sent. I believe the reason is the function media_stream_set_ice_check_list() which is called with a NULL ice checklist in linphone_call_handle_stream_events()

When called with a NULL, media_stream_set_ice_check_list() explicitly enables stun packets regardless of the firewall setting.

Is this behavior correct?


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