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[Linphone-developers] stettings windows takes long time to show up

From: Apple Pine
Subject: [Linphone-developers] stettings windows takes long time to show up
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2016 22:15:02 +0100

When I click on Options => Settings, to configure the SIP-account for exampe, I have to wait a few minutes, then I can start editing. I takes about 2 minutes until the windows shows up, then I can change something. I use this window very often to add or delete the sip-accounts. I'm using the newest build of Windows 10 x64 (14251).

Everything else works fine. Thank you guys for linphone, truely a masterpiece.

I have similar problems since I use Windows 10. When I close Half-life 1, after I opened it from steam, I have to use the task-manager, because it freezes. I used it for the modification sven coop 4.8. Since version 5 sven coop is standalone and closing doesn't let the window freeze.

i had problem with black screen after booting. i've solved it with

i have an integrated intel 945 graphic card but also an radeon x500 to play some games who need higher opengl version.

everything else works fine so maybe it's a linphone bug and not a windows bug.

I also use always the newest versions: linphone 3.9.1

i know that gimp 2.8.16 takes also 2-3 minutes until the window "save", "save as", "export", "export as" appears. gimp uses gtk+ just like linphone. so it's a gtk+ error. i have also still a floppy in my pc and it goes on about 3 times, then the windows appears. maybe gtk+ has a problem with A:\ . i will disconnect it soon in bios the next time.

i sent this next multiple times, because i want to tell some bugs. i don't know why linphone mailing list didn't work so far for me. i edited this text mutiple time like the last sentence i added recently.

i disabled floppy in bios and the time decreased from 2 minutes 50 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds.

please stop deleting this post. it's a serious bug.

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