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[Linphone-developers] mediastreamer2 file play crackling sound due to un

From: Matteo Fortini
Subject: [Linphone-developers] mediastreamer2 file play crackling sound due to underruns
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2015 18:58:13 +0100
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We are experiencing crackling sound when playing wav files through mediastreamer.

We copied the tester/mediastreamer2_player_tester.c file and modified it so that it plays any filename passed as the first command line param.

The issue is audible when playing wav files both through pulseaudio and ALSA. We changed pulseaudio.c code so that it outputs every underrun it sees, and the crackles are at the same time we have an underrun.

It is not CPU related, since it happens both on a small ARM system and on an 8 core Intel i7.

It may be something connected with tickers, which sometimes are late, but latency seems not to be the issue: we printed pulseaudio latency and it is not worse when crackling than when not crackling.

Is there anything else we could check to narrow down the causes?

Thanks in advance

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