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[Linphone-developers] switching from polarssl to mbedTLS 2

From: James Cowgill
Subject: [Linphone-developers] switching from polarssl to mbedTLS 2
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2015 17:11:12 +0000


I was wondering if linphone and its various sub-projects are going to
transition form polarssl 1.3 to mbedTLS 2 at some point in the future?

I ask because I am going to attempt to transition Debian (and Ubuntu by
extension) from polarssl to mbedTLS fairly soon (as soon as mbedTLS
gets accepted into the archive) and all the reverse-dependencies will
need porting. I have already done some work at porting belle-sip and
bzrtp in these branches since these packages are in Debian. You can
find my work here:

Note that I've only tested my code on Linux, and those patches will
probably be shipped with Debian regardless of what you do (until you do
the transition yourself). This guide is useful if you plan on doing any
porting work:

After the transition is complete I'm also planning to remove polarssl
from the archive. This will happen sometime before the next Debian
release and probably for the 16.10 release of Ubuntu (although maybe
for 16.04 LTS if I'm really fast). Polarssl 1.3 has already been
removed from at least Arch and Fedora.


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