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Re: [Linphone-developers] I Could not find encoder and decoder switch fo

From: Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] I Could not find encoder and decoder switch for G729 codec on SettingsView
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 10:26:21 +0100

This is the problem:

udays-mac-mini:linphone-iphone uday$ nm liblinphone-sdk/apple-darwin/lib/libbcg729.a | wc -l


You have a stubbed G729 library, meaning that it was not built. However I can confirm you that the correct build options are:


You should see in the logs:

-- Enabled features:
 * Unit tests , Build unit tests programs for belle-sip, mediastreamer2 and linphone.
 * Documentation , Enable documentation generation with Doxygen.
 * GPL third parties , Usage of GPL third-party code (FFmpeg and x264).
 * Non free codecs , Allow inclusion of non-free codecs in the build.
 * SRTP , SRTP media encryption support.
 * ZRTP , ZRTP media encryption support.
 * DTLS , DTLS media encryption support.
 * G729 , G.729 audio encoding/decoding support (require license).
 * GSM , GSM audio encoding/decoding support.
 * iLBC , iLBC audio encoding/decoding support.
 * ISAC , ISAC audio encoding/decoding support.
 * OPUS , OPUS audio encoding/decoding support.
 * Silk , Silk audio encoding/decoding support.
 * Speex , Speex audio encoding/decoding support.
 * Video , Ability to capture and display video.
 * FFmpeg , Some video processing features via FFmpeg: JPEG encoding/decoding, video scaling, H264 decoding...
 * VPX , VPX (VP8) video encoding/decoding support.
 * NLS , Enable internationalization of Linphone and Liblinphone. (Only for the desktop target)

-- Disabled features:
 * Tunnel , Secure tunnel for SIP/RTP (require license).
 * RTP MAP , Always include rtpmap in SDP.
 * WebRTC AEC , WebRTC echo canceller support.
 * WASAPI , Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI) sound card support.
 * AMRNB , AMR narrow-band audio encoding/decoding support (require license).
 * AMRWB , AMR wide-band audio encoding/decoding support (require license).
 * H263 , H263 video encoding/decoding support (require license).
 * H263p , H263+ video encoding/decoding support (require license).
 * MKV , MKV playing and recording support.
 * MPEG4 , MPEG4 video encoding/decoding support (require license).
 * OpenH264 , H.264 video encoding/decoding support with the openh264 library (require license).
 * V4L , V4L camera driver.
 * X264 , H.264 video encoding support with the x264 library (require license).
 * PCAP , PCAP support.

Please ensure that this is the case - if still no working, please provide full logs (both  ./ logs and make).


Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
Software Engineer @ Belledonne Communications

On 02 Dec 2015, at 05:16, Mallikharjuna Rao <address@hidden> wrote:


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