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[Linphone-developers] Linphone 3.9.0

From: Ghislain MARY
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Linphone 3.9.0
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 12:08:15 +0100
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Hi there,

The 3.9.0 version of Linphone has just been released. Here are the changes:
 - Video recording of calls in MKV format
 - Clickable URLs in chat view
 - Add buttons to change the record and playback volumes during a call
 - Add button to start chatting without having to create a contact first
 - Some icon changes
 - Call logs now stored in database
 - Support of video presets (include a high-fps preset)
 - Bug fixes

And here are the links to get the installers for Windows and Mac OS X and the source code tarball: - Windows installer: - Mac OS X installer: - Source code tarball:

The source code tarballs of the dependencies and mediastreamer2 plugins are also available: - belle-sip 1.4.2: - bzrtp 1.0.3: - mediastreamer2 2.12.0: - ortp 0.25.0: - bcg729 1.0.1: - msamr 1.0.2: - msilbc 2.1.2: - msopenh264 1.1.1: - mssilk 1.0.2: - msx264 1.5.2:

The source code is of course also available from our git repositories using the versions numbers as tags (eg. tag 1.4.2 for belle-sip):
 - belle-sip: git://
 - bzrtp: git://
 - linphone: git://
 - mediastreamer2: git://
 - ortp: git://
 - bcg729: git://
 - msamr: git://
 - msilbc: git://
 - msopenh264: git://
 - mssilk: git://
 - msx264: git://

The whole linphone installer for Windows and Mac OS X can now also be easily built using the new linphone-desktop repository and the CMake build system.
Get it using:
git clone git:// -b 3.9.0 --recursive
Then use the following command to prepare the build:
And finally build the package with the "make" command on Mac OS X and Linux or opening the "WORK/cmake/Project.sln" Visual Studio solution on Windows.


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