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[Linphone-developers] Use Google Push API in Asterisk SIP Server

From: Jörn Krebs
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Use Google Push API in Asterisk SIP Server
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 12:33:46 +0200

Hi guys,

(this Mail is about Linphone on Android!)

I would like to configure my asterisk server to use GCM with linphone.

I did this with my WP8 Phone succesfully (using the Zoiper push Script).

But now if I try this with the GCM-stuff I have to enter an API_KEY, and I cannot find one.
In my SIP-Log I see a registrationId (=pn-tok) and an app-id, but both do not help me. Can anyone explain to me how this works?

Basically, what I do, before sending an invite to linphone, is using a curl command to push a message to the GCM server to wake-up linphone. Here is my example:

curl --header "Authorization: key=AIzaSyBJAhCVeeqIErwTfYwy-t83_EwvZlCFo9I"
      --header Content-Type:"application/json"
      -d "{\"registration_ids\":[\"APA91bGTf64r_UphFn8f6UD2RmXTBE6LOJt5tcrMQUjkW_EqBfv7lGdm7MjCXjAAqun8SlRq0XPosOW51AxRzuj4ljlRywUZk8TrJZpqWlBndGSONhfD18\"]}"

(I am sending a slightly modified registration_id and a key I found on the net, but this key is not THE linphone key.)

Can anyone give me the key I would have to use?

Kind regards,
Jörn Krebs

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