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[Linphone-developers] Feature question: android/settings/network->use wi

From: Eeri Kask
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Feature question: android/settings/network->use wifi only
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 21:40:20 +0200
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having installed  "linphone 2.4.1-fdroid SIP (rfc 3261)"  (works great!)
there seems to be a network setting "use wifi only".  Just asking, one
can think of the purpose of this setting to prohibit using
cellular/GSM-data link (assuming an average mobile device today only has
wifi and probably GSM data-modem network interfaces)?

Alternatively one could argue for considering a setting something like
"don't use GSM-data modem" for the same purpose instead, in order to not
block other network interfaces (ethernet, bluetooth pan, serial
point-to-point, possibly nfc-based tcpip etc etc) by only enabling wifi.
 (E.g. possibly among others sony xperia devices usually support
ethernet right out of the box which is probably an order of magnitude
faster than wifi and in order to use it one has to turn off "wifi only"
which would then as a side-effect also enable cellular data-modem.)  ...
Would it make sense?

    Eeri Kask

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