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[Linphone-developers] Getting erroneous remoteParams in Linphone-Android

From: William Hutchison
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Getting erroneous remoteParams in Linphone-Android
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2015 10:47:36 -0600

I'm having a strange problem getting video to work in certain situations. I have an Eclipse project for the basic Linphone-Android app that works perfectly. I see that during an Outgoing or Incoming call to another contact whose preferences are set to always accept video and initiate with video, LinphoneCall's remoteParams.getVideoEnabled changes from false to true at the point of transitioning from the state of OutgoingRinging to the state of Connected--that makes sense. Then the local getVideoEnabled changes from false to true when transitioning to the state of StreamsRunning starts. Everything works perfectly.

I cloned this project and added my own application code and resources, but have not connected any of it to Linphone, so Linphone should operate the same. But the remoteParams.getVideoEnabled remains false always, even though it is calling the same contact under the same conditions. The call connects and audio works, but not video. What could make the system fail to detect that the remote caller is video enabled? I can't debug beyond the LinphoneCallImpl, where it gets the parameters from native code.

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