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[Linphone-developers] webplugin vs windows version

From: Vincent Nguyen
Subject: [Linphone-developers] webplugin vs windows version
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 17:01:04 +0200
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Hello Guys @ Belledone,

I have a quick question regarding some testing I just did.

Tested Linphone for windows 3.8.4 with Asterisk
PCMU (8000, 80 Kbps)
G722 (8000, 80 kbps)
iLBC (8000, 24 kbps)
These frequencies and bitrates are those showing up in the codecs config page
All works fine

speex only works with 8000Hzh, 32kbps, the 2 others do not work => Asterisk limitation ?

When testing the webplugin with same Asterisk
I see as available
PCMU (8000, 64kbps) => works fine
G722 (8000, 64kbps) => DOES NOT WORK
3 speex => => only the 8000 works
could not test others.

QUESTION 1 : why is there different bitrate between the 2 versions, and especially why would the G722 64kbps not work eventhough RFC says 64kbps not 80.

QUESTION 2 : Does Asterisk play a role in the bitrate thing or is this just a phone thing ? in Asterisk we just see the codecs names.

Last but not least : when we disable echo cancellation, the audio quality is much better, except for the G722 where it is similar.

Hope someone can help.


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