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[Linphone-developers] LinphoneCore.ringLevel not apply changes

From: Гамаюнов Тарас
Subject: [Linphone-developers] LinphoneCore.ringLevel not apply changes
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 13:33:04 +0400
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I develop application to web. I need change ringLevel in progress app.

I'm using method LinphoneCore.ringLevel, but volume isn't change.
I see in log next message when i change value

Web Plugin:
DEBUG FireBreath <> - ..\..\..\projects\linphone-web-plugin\Src\coreapi.cpp:1043 - LinphoneWeb::CoreAPI::getRingLevel - this=06542508
DEBUG FireBreath <> - ..\..\..\projects\linphone-web-plugin\Src\coreapi.cpp:1035 - LinphoneWeb::CoreAPI::setRingLevel - this=06542508    level=90

No log for this command
I try execution application in different device Sometimes
nplinphone-web output next message
nplinphone-web-1.0.14-warning-ms_snd_card_set_level: unimplemented by WASAPI wrapper

Maybe is it problem with
WASAPI, how is check and fix?
How i can change volume level during execution Web applicaiton?
How is fix problem with


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